Finding the right bikini

I am always unlucky when I try to find the right bikini. I like to travel a lot on my own and endulge in other cultures and I find I always do this best with the clothes I wear. For example, I was in Hawaii and was at first quite happy with the bikini I had found.


As you can see, it is a very authentic straw skirt and those flowers on the top that you even get in the airport when you land. It was nice and authentic, as I said, but not very practical.

For example, at one point when there was a delivery guy with more flowers, I noticed my own flower bra went out of place and my boobs were quite clearly exposed to him.


No biggie. It’s not a problem that cannot be fixed quickly, but of course, the pictures he took would last.

And that’s not all. The straw skirt was imperfect. You know, the thing about straw skirts is that they move to the side quite easily. Here, when I am walking, the straw skirt slides to the side ever so slightly, exposing my naked pussy under the skirt. Yeah, there are no traditional Hawaiian underpants, I found, so I had to go without on this vacation.


It didn’t help much once I was inside, the whole getup was still causing me problems. At one point, the delivery guy from before, was resting in the hotel foyer and he had finally released the big boner he had probably had in there since the first time he had seen me.

As he sat down it had just had to been released.


Now I don’tt know about you, but I learned far in the past, from my ex-boyfriend among others, that the polite thing, when you cause someone a boner, is to acknowledge it. I figured, yeah, in this case, I had been flaunting my boobs and even my pussy in front of him for a while now, I was pretty sure I caused that boner.

“That’s probably mine” I said to him and pointed to his cock.

I carefully sat down on him and let his cock slip into me. Not long after, I had owned the cock as it came in me and went flacid.


I decided that same evening, that although this traditional bikini was kind of nice, it would be too disturbing for me if I had to be polite and go around handle the cocks I owned while wearing it.

The very next day I went to the city and found a bikini shop.

“What do you recommend for me?” I asked the shopkeeper. He took a pole and reached for a bikini set at the top shelf. “Let’s see, you’re a small I think” he said. “Try this one on”.


I went to the trial room. It was a little tight, but I did manage to wear it. I came back out into the shop so the guy could tell me if it was the right size.


“It seems a little small” I said.

He nodded. “Well, yes, it is a small size and you say it seems small, so that matches perfectly. That means it’s the right size”.

I am glad I went to a professional, because I would have not figured that logic out by myself.

Just then, I made a very clumsy move. Well, actually, the shopkeeper was a bit in my way and I didn’t notice that, so I bumped into him, ass first.


Right then and there, he god a boner. Just from that. Oh gawd, is that really all it takes in this city!?

Well, I wasnt in doubt that I owned that boner. I bumped into him and I had to own up to what I had created. I figured the quickes way to get this done, was by bending over completely and pull me panties off at the string. I was right, because moments later he was ramming his cock into my pussy.


I thought I was able to handle the embarassing situation quite discretely like this. Unfortunately it seemed like he needed a different position mid-way, because he turned me to my back and fucked me from the front.


Of course, people would now gather round and watch. Why can people not mind their own business. I am just doing what is the right thing to do in this situation. I never stop and look when other people have to own their boners around town, in fact, now that I think of it, I don’t think I have even seen it. But maybe that’s just because I am not looking for it, unlike these perverts.

He started cumming in me, which I always find to be a little rude, but it’s also the most efficient way of getting it done, so it’s a fair trade-off.

The craziest thing happened – the guy gave me the bikini for free!

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