First Class

I’m a First Class stewardess. That means a lot – it means I am a stewardess on First Class on flights, but it also means I have a certification to be there. Serving on First Class means a lot. You cannot serve on First Class from your first day as a stewardess; you need perfect etiquette and you need to be sure to leave every passenger feeling as if they are the most important person on the flight.


In a way, that becomes easier on a flight like this, where there are almost no people on the flight. With fewer people, everyone should have a higher probability of feeling like they’re the most important person, not only because you can give them that much more attention. Another reason is, that if you’re 1 out of 100 people on a flight, there is, as a starting point, 1 in a 100 chance of being the most important person on the flight. If you’re just 2 people on the flight, that means the chance is automatically 1 of 2!

Well, all this is just high level technical theory that is standard knowledge for any First Class stewardess like me.

At one point during the flight, just when one passenger was getting out of his seat, there was a bit of turbulence.


The passenger bumped into me and excused himself. I said that it was perfectly OK. Well, that’s the only possible answer, because it IS by definition totally OK. In fact, we, as First Class stewardesses are instructed to do whatever we can to make the flight more enjoyable to the passengers. That’s why we often times have to endure a bit of ass grabbing with a smile.

Of course, usually it doesn’t get any further than that, but that’s because on a full flight, people are embarrassed to do too much ass grabbing and will definitely never do more than that. Well, one time a passenger pulled me in and I’m pretty sure he intentionally made me lean on him with my breasts.

“I guess you won’t mind this either” the other passenger said and grabbed my breast.


I was quite surprised with this, but kept my poise. Something like this never happens on a full flight, but coincidence and a few frisky men made this flight quite different.

“It’s perfectly OK sir, let me know if you need anything else” I said and was about to leave, when the passenger took me up on the offer. “Well mam, since you’re offering, would you mind if I pulled your pants down a bit?”

I went “OK” although I was in no way at all pleased with the prospect. He went up and pulled my pants down slowly, waiting to see whether I would stop him. Little did he know that there was no way I COULD stop him. I had to follow the First Class rule of serving the customer unconditionally.

He pulled my pants and underwear down until my ass was bare in front of him. He stood there and looked at it for a moment and noticed I was waiting for him to excuse me. Which he didn’t. Instead he seized the opportunity, lost his clothes and started rubbing his cock against my butt.


As I said, it would be impossible on a full flight, but with just two passengers, this was a theoretical possibility. I had never heard of this happening to any First Class stewardess, although if it had, I’m not sure they would talk about it.

We knew, again theoretically, that this was a possibility and very sure to not let that fact leak out, in which case this sort of thing could happen far more often. He started doing what was inevitable – giving me a full blown fuck.


I was looking around for my colleague on the flight, when I noticed that she too was being kept busy by the other passengers.


Good thing there wasn’t a third passenger on First Class, or we wouldn’t be able to service him.

The passenger wasn’t letting me off easy and put me on the armrest of his seat. I could feel that he was fucking me faster and his moaning was getting stronger. I feared at this point that he was going to cum while he was still fucking me. Would he really consider cumming in me? I mean, that would just be plain rude, couldn’t he see how that would be unfair?

I was thinking about whether to mention it to him, but opted out. I was afraid of making him feel rejected and break the rules of First Class. That could mean the end of my career. I mean, you can see how dedicated I am to my career, it would be silly to ruin it just for an uncomfortable situation.


The stupid fucker DID eventually cum in me. I just smiled and nodded. I got up and asked him if he wanted anything to drink. To my luck he wanted a whisky. I gave him a big glass and he slept on the rest of the flight.

We take First Class seriously!

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  1. Good job as usual, but what I haven’t really seen here (at least to the best of my recollection) is a story with girl-on-girl action. I’d really love to see that some time. All the same, nice piece.

  2. I think there is one story like that or perhaps it’s on Eroslavia. Originally I created Illusex for the hardcore content because I wanted to keep Eroslavia clear of that. I guess that’s why you (almost) never see any non hardcore content here on Illusex.

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