Flashing wasn’t that much fun

In a moment of thoughtlessness, Erin had chosen to tease Ben by flashing him her tits. First of all, Ben didn’t feel teased at all, second of all, Ben was sitting with his cell phone and quickly snapped a picture. Not fun at all.


The resulting picture stayed on Ben’s phone and he contemplated about what to do with it, except of course ogle it. Erin and Ben both worked at the supermarket and the picture had been taken in the back room when they both had a break. No one else had been there. Erin didn’t really know why she did it, but it was something about mocking him … like what you do when you moon someone, it’s really a sign of disrespect. It’s something like that, that went on in Erin’s head when she flashed Ben, but it just didn’t have the desired effect.

“You want your picture on the wall in the employee of the month frame? Otherwise, stay after work tonight”. Erin certainly didn’t want that picture on the wall in the supermarket and stayed back around 9 PM when the supermarket closed.


When Erin came into the back room, Ben was there with three of the other employees, waiting for her. “Come on over here” Ben commanded. Erin did as he told her. She was standing in the middle of the group and they were each kind of groping her. “We want to see you naked” Ben said “and I won’t take any pictures” Ben elaborated, beating Erin to addressing that point.

“You’ll delete the picture?” Erin said. Ben nodded. “Promise!?” she then asked, to make him confirm.

“OK” Erin said “But no touching”. She undressed quickly, as if she was getting into the shower and seconds later sat in front of all of them, naked.


Ben looked around at his friends then spoke for the group. “We want blowjobs!” he said. Erin rejected the notion “Forget it, I did what we agreed, now delete the picture!”. Ben moped. “OK OK, I am a man of my word” he said and showed Erin his phone as he deleted the picture. “But what about the picture that Andy just took?” Ben then asked, pointing to Andy showing his phone with a nice naked picture of Erin on it.

“But we agreed no pictures!” Erin yelled. “Correction” Ben replied “We agreed that _I_ would not take any pictures. I can’t be responsible for what someone else does”.

“Idiot” Erin just said. “So a blowjob and then you’ll delete all your pictures … and NONE of you can take new ones!! OK!?” Erin said. All the boys agreed and quickly unzipped. Only one thing for Erin to do now.


Erin was working hard to finish them all, but noticed Ben moved away when he was getting excited and about the cum. He then came back a minute later and said “I want to fuck you!”

“Don’t push your luck, Ben!” Erin said as she sucked his friend’s cock. “We have a deal, I suck you all off and you delete the pictures! And you better not break your promise of not taking pictures of this!”

“Of course” Ben said “I would never break a promise. No one has taken any pictures of this, only video”. Erin didn’t think she heard him right. “Only what?” Ben shrugged his shoulders. “What did you say?” Erin asked again. “Did you say video or something?”.

Ben smiled. “Yes, we’re shooting a video right now, Simon put his phone on the couch and it’s recording. You don’t mind, do you?” Ben asked, knowing all to well that Erin would definitely mind.

“You fucking idiot!” Erin yelled. “Fucking is right …” Ben replied “I’m gonna fuck you, we’re all gonna fuck you, or that video is going on the internet!”

“Fuck you!” Erin said, but accepted her fate.


She let him enter her … she had no choice really. He fucked her up good, came in her, let the next guy come and cum in her sloppy pussy again.

They left her in a pool of cum and sweat. “OK, you got what you wanted, now delete the video!” Erin commanded. Ben laughed “I told you I won’t publish it on the internet and I won’t – I never mentioned anything about deleting it. Why would I do that? I still have lots of friends that might want a fuck or two.”

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