Flirting for grades

People say that flirting doesn’t help get you good grades, even when your teacher is a young dude and you’re a hottie like me. Well, math is my final subject and I have to pass, or the college I signed up for won’t accept me. I didn’t have time to study – because I watched too much Grey’s Anatomy, so I was really not optimistic about my math grade.

So I chose to flirt.


At first I simply put on a short skirt and a tight shirt and got my teacher alone. I said things like “I really hope I get good grades, tihi” and waited to see if there was a tell that he was optimistic about my grades or something.

Seeing that I had nothing else going for me, I casually adjusted my skirt, swiftly exposing my hot ass.


I gave a slight “Oops” when I did it, then smiled ouat him. It can’t get any flirtier than that, without being direct come on. He didn’t give a tell, though. He acted like he didn’t notice it at all and continued to patiently answer my more or less intelligent questions.

He had agreed to tutor me for a few hours after school and I really hoped I could somehow charm him into giving me the answers for the test next week. That test was weighted 15% and could make or break my average for the year.

I had to go all out. “Wow, studying is hard – I’m getting sweaty, mind if I take my top off?” I said while I was already lifting it over my head.


“Look, Melissa, don’t you think I know what you’re doing?” my teacher then said. I guess I hadn’t made it too discrete. I was just hoping it would somehow work anyway.

“You want to cheat, right?” he then asked bluntly. I hesitated … “Well, if you could give me the answers for the test next week, that would really be great” I replied and continued “As my teacher you are supposed to teach me the answers throughout the year anyway, all I’m asking now is that you condense your teachings to exactly what I need to know next week. It’s not really cheating when you look at it like that” I said.

He laughed. “Well, if you’re gonna cheat on the test, then you gotta make me cheat on my wife in return” he said and zipped down his pants. He offered me the way out – a quick blow job and we would both be cheating. Him on his wife, me with the test. I went for it.


I sucked him good and he didn’t resist at all. He rather seemed to like it. He was making definite noises of pleasure. “Be careful” he then said “slow down, or I might cum prematurely”.

I removed my mouth from his cock. “You don’t mean …” I said, not finishing my own sentence. “Well, my wife wouldn’t really consider a blow job as cheating” he then said. “I guess I could have mentioned that”. However weird that sounded, I had no choice but to believe him. It’s not like I could ask his wife to confirm or anything like that.

No more words were necessary. I had to go the extra mile.


As he put me on the table, that was at the perfect height to fuck me, he slowly slid his cock in me, wiggled it in, first between my lips, then slowly further in, each time gently moving further inside me, until his cock was buried in my pussy.

That’s when he moved his cock almost all the way out again, then completely in until he hit the ceiling. Like he was testing out the waters. He moved out, until only the tip of his cock was touching me, then moving it just as slowly back in.

He then started speeding up. Each stroke was slightly faster. He kept going all the way out and all the way in, faster and faster, until he was stroking at about 2 strokes a second. Then he began giving the well known moans from before.


I quietly whispered “don’t cum in me” and he replied back “it wouldn’t be considered cheating otherwise”. Well, he certainly had me now. I wasn’t on the pill, but given the time of the month, I figured it wasn’t likely I’d get pregnant. I had just finished that thought, when I felt the sperm spurting inside me. While he was cumming in me, he slowed his thrusts, just as slowly as before.


He finally pulled out and left me on the table with cum dripping from my pussy. I wasn’t slow to ask for the test answers, in fact I asked still sitting there naked.

“OK, so I helped you cheat on your wife, now it’s your turn to help me cheat on the test”. He smiled at me and pulled his boxers on.

I said a little louder “So where are the test results”.

He smiled again and said: “I’m not married”.

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