Forced to Choose

I went to see the football game at my friends house as I always did because he had ESPN and I didn’t. Only this time my friend was not home. He had told me where the key was and also told me a few ground rules.

He left the rules in a note for me and I was reading them over as I was entering his house.

  1. Don’t fuck my little sister
  2. Treat her with respect

I thought to myself that those rules did not have to be written down – of course I wouldn’t. But then when I entered I saw his little sister waiting for me in the couch.

“Hey, welcome, the game is just about to start”.


I understood why he felt it was necessary to mention his sister in his note. She was really hot and really wearing some sexy clothes.

I sat next to her in the couch and we started watching the game.

“I almost forgot – the beers” she said.

She went to the kitchen and got the beers and put them down on the table. As she was absent minded for a minute, I took a good look at her and got instantly hard. Her nipples were peaking out from under her shirt.


I was still rock hard, but I was trying my best to focus on the game.

It wasn’t exactly a big couch and she was sort of hanging on me all the time. And her nipples kept peaking out from under her shirt.

She was really craving my attention.


After the first quarter, she wanted to pretend to play some ball.

She was standing right in front of me and trying to snap the ball. “How does it go – like this – between the legs?”


I was trying to just give her one syllable answers and see if she would lose interest.


“But then what happens if the ball touches the players jeans?” she asked.

“The players don’t wear jeans” I told her.

“Oh!” she said “I should be more authentic then!”

Then she dropped her jeans shorts to the ground right in front of me and it left her bottomless.

Without further pretense, she pulled her shirt off too. Then, completely naked in front of me, she sat down on my lap and continued watching TV.


I am not going to pretend that I was able to control myself now – but I did not fuck her though, and that is what my friend had put in the note.


“Oh no, this is no good” I finally said and asked her very politely to get off me.

I remembered the other rule. Treat her with respect.

She was obviously as horny as me and she didn’t hesitate to open my pants and take my willing cock out.

I reminded myself that someone grabbing a cock is not the same as fucking.


But then she got on top of me. Her pussy dripping wet, sitting over my rock hard cock.

She was clearly going to get down on my cock now.

Should I push her away? That would be rude.

Was I really fucking her now? Or was she in fact fucking ME?


Before I could analyze it any further, she was sliding down on my cock.

Yes, she was fucking me. I was not fucking her. I was still safe.

Until I wasn’t.

She got off and lied down on the couch. “Fuck me” she pleaded with me.

What was I supposed to do? Fuck her and break my promise to my friend? Or not fuck her, thereby disrespecting her, and also breaking the promise to my friend.

I decided the two promises cancelled each other out and went ahead.


I fucked her deeper and deeper and for a while both of us forgot watching the game.

“Yes, inside – now, I want your cum” she said.

Those words were too much for me and I instantly felt cum rushing through my cock and I felt it flooding out while I continued pumping it in her pussy.


“Thank you, thank you” she said.

“Oh, well, you’re welcome”

“Thank you” she repeated again “I really want to have a baby”.

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