Get Even

Tracy, Trinity, and Dina always hung out after work. They would sit back grab a beer and talk about their crazy job as guards down at the prison.

Today Dina was not in a good mood.

Right after work Dina broke down and told us that her 5-year relationship, had just ended, “he was cheating,” she explained.


“I just had to break it off, I refuse to settle for a cheating, unappreciative, scumbag.”

“What a jerk! What can you do to get back at him?” Tracy asked

“Cheat with someone, I guess. I just wish he hadn’t cheated, I still love him!” Dina said.

“So even after he cheated, you still want to get back together with him?” Tracy asked.

Dina nodded but explained that she wouldn’t do that because she didn’t want to let him think that he could get away with it.

“But he cannot undo what he did. So what can you do to even the scales?” Tracy asked.

“Cheat on him” I guess Like I said.

”Sure, but he didn’t just cheat once, did he? He cheated many times.”

Dina nodded.

“OK, I think I know what we can do about this, we need to get you to a party,” Trinity said.

she continued, “but it’s not just any party, it’s a sex slave party.” It’s was only going to be us to two but we know you will enjoy it.”

First, you have to look the part, ” let us help you get properly dressed,” Tracy said.


They undressed Dina, Trinity stopped and rubbed her boobs saying ” wow your boobs are huge, they are going to love you.”

Tracy said, ” This dress is about to love you.”

Dina got on the dress and asked how she looked and if it was too small or not.

“Not at all honey, these guys are about to be all over you honey,” Trinity said.


They walked in introducing Ms. Dina.

” Hello fellas, this is our special guest this evening, Ms. Dina,” Tracy said.

Trinity followed with ” She just got cheated on so make sure she gets plenty of cocks to make her forget all about it!”


Dina stood there not saying anything, a little in shock, with a little bit of enjoyment was the look that was on her face.

They started playing with her boobs, and before you know it, there was a flock of men around her.

They came fondling all three of them, grabbing their asses, and checking them out.


One of the men shouted roll call!

The men lined up and Tracy and Trinity explained to Dina that she goes down the line and sucks each guy cock as an introduction.

Dina was intrigued and actually did it. The other girls were shocked and cheered her on.

Suck his cock girl! Trinity said.

One by one Dina sucked each of there cocks, and she finally got down to the last few guys and decided to take all three at the same time.

She was looking like a professional, and you couldn’t even tell she was a girl who had just gotten cheated on.


After the roll call session, the guys were ready to fuck.

They swarmed in on Dina’s pussy and they were loving it.

Dina was moaning and screaming, she had a cock in her mouth and pussy.

The next guy approached and entered in her pussy ” Oh Shit you’re wet as fuck!”

“Fuck my wet fat pussy,” Dina said.

he fucked her a while and then another guy approached, they were banging her pussy out, and from the looks of it, Dina enjoyed it.


Trinity and Tracy were somewhere in the corner getting fucked as well. There was plenty of cock going around that night.

Dina was moaning and begging for more dick, and those guys gladly supplied.

She bounced her ass back hard slapping he ass on his cock, making him moan and deepening his thrust.


Trinity came over and snapped a picture of Dina riding one of the guy’s cocks, about to cum.

The next day the ladies asked Dina If she had fun.

She smiled and said, ” why yes I did, a lot of fun.”

Thank you for the invite, you were right it’s what I needed because I feel so much better now. Plus that picture you took I sent it to him, he flipped and now he knows how it feels.

The ladies gave her praise and congratulations on her victory.



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