Get used to the outfit

It’s a fact that female beach volleyball players have certain uniform requirements that they must follow. Here are the official guidelines for women:


Male guidelines aren’t as strict honestly there aren’t any.

I’m on a Unisex team and this girl on my team just never seems to follow those guidelines. Her outfit always looks more like swimsuit wear, but she definitely looks hot in it.


During the course of a game, her bikini bottom always rises up and I can’t help but stare at her amazing ass.


I always joked around with her so we started playing around and I tried to grab her and end up grabbing her panties.

I got a good sneak peek at her full bare ass, and my cock got hard at the idea of what her pussy looked like.


After practice, I asked if she wanted to hang out at my place. To my surprise, she said yes.

I wasn’t far so she just followed me about a mile up the street and there we were at my apartment.

We got inside and she made herself comfortable on the couch.


I asked if she wanted a drink and she said, no thanks.

I grabbed me a drink and then we got into small talk.

I asked, ” so why don’t you ever wear a real volleyball outfit?”

She replied “well its convenient to just go swimming right after, plus I know you like how my ass looks in these “fake volleyball clothes.”

I perked up at attention ” Oh yeah, well I love how your ass looks without them.”

I pulled her panties down and just admired her ass for a minute.


I rubbed her ass, kissed it, and finally let her underwear drop to the floor.

she hopped onto the couch and started teasing me.

She started shaking her ass, laughing in between asking me if I liked the way her ass looked.

I replied, “yes, it’s amazing.”


She then slowly got up and did a seductive dance and started to remove her top.

My eyes glued, my cock was stiff, and she was the star of the show.

She finally let top drop and started rubbing her nipples enticing me even more.


She was now completely naked and stretched out on the couch.

She giggled more and looked liked she was really getting off on teasing me.

My cock was throbbing, and she looked so hot she caught me staring at her pussy.


She opened her legs wide open and started playing with her pussy.

Her pussy was soaking wet, and I could hear her wetness.

Then she took her fingers and tasted it, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I got undressed faster than lightning.


I climbed up on her, slapped my cock on her beautiful pussy, and then plunged right into her wet pussy.

She felt so amazing, I took it slow and then sped up. She was screaming and moaning so loud I know for sure someone in the apartments heard.

” mmmm fuck me harder,” she said.

I did as she told and fucked her harder and put slammed my cock all in her guts.

She squirmed all over the couch, holding on to the couch for dear life.


Her pussy was soaking my cock and my couch. She started grinding back on my cock as I fucked her hard.

Suddenly I pulled out and made her suck her pussy juices off of my cock, she had a mean head game.

She stopped after sucking me for a while I went right back into pounding her tight wet pussy.


I pounded her pussy slow and then hard, and I wanted to make sure she came. I couldn’t have her go back to the team saying I was a lousy lay.

So I pulled out and started eating her out.

She wasn’t expecting it all, she yelled out and clenched on to the couch so tight.

I wrapped her legs around my neck and I sucked on her pussy so good.

She pussy juices tasted good, and as I continued eating her pussy her body started to tremble.

She pumped her pussy on my mouth harder and harder and said she was about to cum.

I stopped and slid my cock back into her pussy, and fucked her as fast and hard as I could.

She yelled out “I’M COMING OH MY GOSH!”

Just as she was coming so was I. I filled her pussy up quite nicely. My nut slowly oozed out her pussy.


She smiled and said how amazing of a time she had.

I thanked her for coming by told her she could come over anything, and that I would see her in a few days at practice.

Just before she got too far down the hall I caught her and yelled: “Hey, keep wearing those volleyball outfits.”

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