Getting away with the money – Part 2

Belinda had seemingly convinced the cops that she was prostitute and so they let her go so she could go get the drug money and flee. But they put an ankle bracelet on her, so she couldn’t leave just yet.

She figured she had to build an identity as a prostitute in order to convince the cops in case they were going to research her. She had a lingeri photo taken and put it on the internet.


In order to be sure that the cops would find that one and identify her as that prostitute, she had to send the website address to the cop that arrested her. It had her name and phone number and that picture and she figured this would be proof enough that she was indeed a prostitute and she hoped it would deter them from looking into it any further.

She was called by a cop a few days later – it was a different cop than before. She was asked to come in for questioning. It was a remote place near a school.


“Some of the activity that your previous client, the one in the house where we almost arrested you, you know – well, some of those drug sales happened in this neighborhood.” the cop explained, "does it look familiar to you?”

It did. Belinda had helped her husband sell drugs here many times. She answered of course a straight and rehearsed “No”.

“Let’s go inside, I have some more questions to you”

They went into the school and to one of the class rooms.


“Well, to be honest, this doesn’t have much to do with the case, but my colleague told me about you and your services – and your fair rates.

“Right” Belinda responded. “I … well … yes, what are you in the market for?” she asked, trying to make it sound like it was business as usual for her.

“Well – I guess I’d like to fuck you” he said. He already started lifting her shirt off and opening her bra, he then reached under her skirt to remove her panties, only to find she wasn’t wearing any. Belinda had always liked to go commando and having to pose as a prostitute was no reason to stop doing that.

He put her on the desk, let his own pants fall and started pushing his penis into her pussy. After some pushing and shoving and spit, he finally broke through the defenses and started pushing his cock further into her.



He fucked her good and long missionary style. He really liked mixing business with pleasure and this wasn’t going to be the last time.

He pulled out just in time and came in her mouth. She received the cum as the good prostitute she pretended to be. Actually, is it pretense when she is actually doing it for money?


“Thanks” he said. “I guess we should be going”

They got dressed and just as she was leaving in he car, Belinda decided to give him a little farewell greeting as only a true whore can.


He looked at her and went “Don’t leave town".

To be continued.

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