Getting away with the money – Part 4

One day the phone rang, she knew it was serious. She thought for a moment it was just another booty call and that she was going to have to have sex with someone again – but that was only partly true. She was being called for an interrogation. Or rather the interrogation.


They were gathering evidence and trying to shoot holes in her story.

“So if you’re a whore, why hadn’t you left yet when we came?” they asked and more questions like this. Belinda tried her best to answer. It all came back to whether she was actually a whore or not, even though she had proved that plenty of times to one of the cops in the interrogation room. But for some reason he wasn’t talking about that. Belinda figured she wouldn’t bring it up – probably best to keep him on her good side.

“Just make her talk” the chief constable said as she left the room.


As soon as the constable left, the cop used one of the most common interrogation techniques. Forcing her to give him a blowjob.

Meanwhile, the constable looked on as they cops tried their best at convincing their suspect of talking.


After he had blown his load in her mouth, the other cop took over and started fucking her. “I’ll pay you later” he said as he fucked her harder with each stroke.


He took it to the next level when he stripped her completely and put her on the table, then he put his hand around her neck and kept her in place while he fucked her even harder.

“You actually like this, don’t you, whore?”


He couldn’t stop himself, he started cumming in her and then wiped the rest of the cum on her face and left her on the floor.

The chief constable came in and found her like that.


“OK, girl, that’s it, you’re clear, you are no longer a suspect, through forensic analysis, we’ve been able to confirm that you are indeed just a prostitute”.

Belinda was released, went to the train station locker to fetch her money, then she left on the first plane to Columbia and was never seen again.

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