Getting discovered

I got discovered when I was on vacation and one morning went to the pool of the hotel. I was just going for a swim, but there was a guy in the pool who was looking at me in a strange way and approached me.


“You have an amazing body!” he exclaimed. He hadn’t even said hello or anything, he said it just like that. No one ever tells me something like that and I was really very flattered. I couldn’t help but smile and say a long “thank yooouuu!”

We got to talking and he seemed like a nice guy. Turns out he was a model scout. How lucky I am, I thought, usually no one says anything nice about my body and the one guy who does is a model scout. I was then even more flattered when he continued to compliment me.

He asked if his photographer could take a few pictures of me. I said “why not” and posed a bit for the photographer.

Normally I would never consider it, but when the guy complimented me on my big breasts and asked me if I could show them to the photographer, I agreed.


“Wow, those are amazing!” he said “Are those real?”

I nodded and smiled.

He looked at them until I put them back in my bra and then he even kept looking at them and just repeated “Amazing”.

“Would you consider trying out as a model for my agency?” he then asked. Wow. Me? A model? I was so incredibly flattered. I didn’t want to seem too eager, but even so, excitedly said “Yeah, I would love to!”

“Have you decided which kind of model you want to be?” he asked. I didn’t know what he meant or which types of models there were, so I just asked him. “What do you think?” I asked, hoping he would have an idea what type would be good for me.

“I think you should try some different types of modelling and then decide based on the pictures”. I was happy about this suggestion and nodded. “You should try out nude modelling. It would be a pity to hide any of that amazing body”. I was flattered, but was not sure I wanted to be a nude model. “A nude model?” I just asked, insecurely.

“Sure, we’ll just try it out and if you don’t like it, we can try some other types of modelling, until you have decided. Ok?” he asked. “Ok” I said. The photographer stopped taking pictures, waiting. I was insecure, but took off my bra, and the guy again flattered me by uttering “Amazing”. “Panties as well?” I asked. “Sure” he replied. I took them off and he said “Nice”, so I was quite comfortable about it, feeling good about myself.


I posed for a while, the photographer taking pictures and the guy giving me instructions. At first I was slightly uncomfortable, but after a few minutes, I just followed the instructions without thinking much and it seemed to work well for me, because the guy complimented me more and more.

“Let’s gloss up your skin a bit” he said, and brought out a spray bottle. I had seen spray bottles like that at modelling shootings. It gave the impression that the skin was glossy and looked very nice and glamorous. I was excited that I was now one of those models.

It was getting a little up close and personal while he was spraying me with this oil. It did make my skin look good, though.

Although the situation was foreign to me, I was feeling pretty safe with him. He was being very professional, I thought. He sprayed me everywhere and even rubbed some of the oil in. First on my legs, then on my stomach. When he got to my tits, he didn’t hesitate to rub it on those as well.


I just smiled at him. Maybe even too enthusiastically, but I didn’t want him to get the impression that I was not being comfortable. That would make it seem like I was not really ready to be model.

I had almost decided that being a nude model was probably too much for me, but I didn’t want to interrupt the session. I could always decide afterwards, whether I wanted to, so I let it continue. Also, it would be foolish to stop him now, with all the effort he was putting into it.

“Ready to try a different type of modelling?” He asked. I instantly said “Yes!” because that was exactly what I was thinking. He leaned me back a bit and the photographer kept taking pictures. “Next we will try some porn modelling” he said. “Porn?” I asked “But … I don’t want to be a porn model”.

“Maybe you are right. But we have to find the best possible modelling career for you. It might be porn modelling. It might not be. You decide – but first you have to try, of course. How else would you decide” he explained to me.

“But …”

“Or have you changed your mind. You don’t want to be a model?” he asked.

I wanted to, but this was not what I had in mind. I was looking forward to being a swimsuit model. “I’m not sure” I replied.

“Okay, if you don’t want to finish the session and find the best possible pictures for your career, we will just publish the pictures we’ve taken so far on our website”.

I hadn’t anticipated that. There would be naked pictures of me on the websites, or I could finish the session and become a swimsuit model – then no one would see the naked pictures. I agreed to his terms.

“Alright, let’s finish the session. But I want to model in a swimsuit for the next type”

“We will get to the swimsuit modelling soon enough” he said, and lowered his pants to reveal his already erect cock. I was already in position and slippery from the oil, so he slid right in. Meanwhile, the photographer took more pictures.


I reminded myself that the pictures were not going to be used, because I was gong to finish the session and choose the swimsuit pictures. Remembering that, I could relax a bit while I was being fucked.

He went on for a long time, just like in porn movies. We also changed positions to include every aspect of the scene. I must admit he was being quite good and professional about it, although I hadn’t changed my mind about my preferred modelling type.


I was surprised when he came in me. I was expecting some sort of spectacular cumshot on my tits, like in the movies. Maybe a little unprofessional or maybe just his style. Either way, it was an indication that this scene was over.

Afterwards, he said he had no more time and that we had to finish the rest of the session some other time. He got my number but at that moment I feared I had been tricked and that he wasn’t really going to consider me to be a model for his agency. That’s what I thought, but just two days later, he actually called and invited me into the studio.

I was already wearing my swimsuit, when he said I had some other modelling types to complete first. “First we must see if you could be a blowjob model”. Oh no, he had more unwanted modelling types for me to try out. Again, I was faced with the decision to get all my pictures published or finish the session. I chose the latter again.

This went on for the next couple of weeks. They always had yet another type of modelling. At one point, they just started adding one number to the type. For example, I had to participate in a 4on1 gangbang, then a 5on1 gangbang, a 6on1 gangbang and so on.

I sure am looking forward to that swimsuit modelling session so I can begin my modelling career for real.

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