Getting out of trouble

I was in big trouble. I’m a doctor – well, I almost am, but to make ends meet during my education, I’ve been taking in patients at a lower rate than they would otherwise pay. The patients are happy, they save a bit of money. I’m happy as well, I get relevant experience and I make some money so I can pay my bills.

Now I’m in trouble. I know most stuff, but sometimes I have to guess. It’s usually not a problem, but this time I gave one patient some medicine that was supposed to relax, instead she passed out.


I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I didn’t want to call the hospital. Acting as a doctor, when I’m not one yet, is very much illegal and I could get into trouble if anyone found out. Although I didn’t exactly understand why she passed out, I might be able to find out why and find a solution.

Instead of relying completely on the science of medicine, I have learnt some general rules that can be used in any medical situation. Medicine is not just about knowing drugs, you have to really think about it as well. That’s what I do. You can solve a lot of problems by simply investigating and thinking about it.

I decided to check her vital signs.


As I squeesed her breast, her facial expression kind of changed. I tried pinching her arm, but nothing happened. She didn’t react to that very much. I tried examining her breast again, pinching the nipple slightly. Her facial expression changed again.

I was getting some signals, but I still didn’t know what to do with them. Of course I could try with another drug, but that might make things worse. At least she is reacting to stimuli, that’s something.

I continued and investigated other parts of her body.


I didn’t want to overstep any limits while she was out, but I could not risk her health either. I tried examining but she didn’t react at all to this kind of stimuli.

The body is an incredible thing. It will actually tell you how you can fix it. When you got a fever, your body tells you to wrap yourself in a blanket. When you are tired, your body yells you to sleep. I decided to look closer for any hints her body might be giving me as to what it would need right now.


As I touched her, I looked for reactions. I tried touching in different places and see if there was any difference. I tried touching the inside of her pussy slightly and I saw something that made me happy. A reaction. She made a sound. I examined more and determined that her pussy was moist.

This is a clear body sign, is it not. Actually, even someone not almost a doctor, would say that that’s a sign from the body. I decided there was no time to waste. I had to act upon this right now, before it might be too late.

I had to make decision, that her body was signaling to me that sexual stimuli was what it needed. I tried continuing with some stimuli and saw her and her body react. Now I was almost certain and went ahead to perform the most effective sexual stimuli I knew of.


As I inserted my cock, I was happy to see she was reacting. That was good news. I was making progress and wouldn’t have to call the hospital, exposing myself as a fraud. I concentrated to give her the good fucking she needed.

I think it went well, although she didn’t exactly wake up. She did make some sounds and her pussy was not getting less moist. I couldn’t continue any longer, though, as I was about to cum. I gave it a few more thrusts, thinking about her health, but had to pull out so I wouldn’t cum in her. Instead I came on her face.

She didn’t wake up.


I looked at her and felt bad about myself. How could I let my own sexual abilities be a problem for my patients. I had already determined she probably needed sexual stimuli to wake up and here I was, unable to continue. Fortunately, I knew a couple of guys who would probably help me out.

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  1. How many guys 'helped' her before she started to wake up? Did they all pull out and come on her body or did some decide to keep their cocks as far into her cunt as possible? All doctors need to know these things…

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