Getting that promotion

This was a big night for me. I had worked in this diner for weeks without any inkling of a promotion until finally, one day, the owner said that he was going on a weekend retreat and if I could handle the place by myself, without calling for help, then he would promote me to assistant manager with a raise.´

On the other hand, if I couldn’t do it, he would fire me and I would have to work from nothing again some other place.


It was already 1AM and there was just one hour till closing time. Yeah, this is one of those places that are open late. This was an unusual evening, as there was still many customers left, but I was able to handle them on my own, for a while anyway.

Weirdly, they kept ordering small things, like a single piece of bread and so on. I could feel their eyes on me when I served it.


“Can I give you a hug” one of them said, clearly drunk. He groped my breast and I thought to myself how this was exactly the sort of thing I would have to be able to manage if I was to show to my boss that I was ready to become assistant manager.


I decided not to push him away and provoke a situation that could escalate, but instead just said “You silly man”.

However, my decision might not have been the smartest, because this seemed like an invitation to the rest of them to ‘hug’ me as well, except their hug was in the form of removing my apron and lifting my shirt.


In that moment I stumbled and fell on my knees to the floor. There I was on the floor, my shirt lifted, drunken men all around me. OK, I had to admit I was giving out mixed signals.

The men interpreted the situation as an invitation and pulled their cocks out.


Now I had a decision to make. Chase them out, possibly having to call the police or worse yet, the owner, losing my promotion AND my job.

Or do the responsible thing and OWN my mistake. Yes, I had no fault in this, of course not, but these were drunken men who had misunderstood the situation.

I decided to own the mistake and started jacking them off and sucking their cocks. It was the logical move.

At one point, one of them helped me up and I figured we were done, but to my surprise, they pulled my pants and panties off, leaving me practically naked.


I could see where this was going, but I could also see the fair question if I stopped now. I could imagine the owner would say “OK, these drunk guys were taking advantage of you, but … why were you naked and alone with them?”

Before I could really analyze the situation, they put me on a table and took turns fucking me.


They had a certain method to it, in the way that they switched around every couple of minutes, always kept a hard cock in my pussy and switched it when he was about to cum.

Until they didn’t.

One of the guys starting cumming in me. Rude.


One of the others muttered “jerk” and then they all started jacking off and cumming on me.

They left me on the table and one of said, that service here was definitely good. “Here is a 25% tip!”

Wow, a 25% tip – of cheap bread, but still – and a promotion coming my way. What a great day.

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