Glamour shots

Tina wanted to be a model ever since she won that contest at the mall and got to model for the catalog next month. She didn’t care too much that every month some girl was chosen for that and it didn’t mean they were great models. Tina had been sure ever since that day that she wanted to be a model and that she had what it takes.


Here is one of the pictures taken for the catalog for the mall – it displays the pink hair band sold at $6.35, not exactly high class modelling.

Over the next two months she had spent all her money on expensive photographers, creating her portfolio. It’s an investment in my career, she had said to her parents. However, the return on investment was missing – she wasn’t getting any jobs. She met other models and saw their portfolios. They had 100s of pictures in there and she just had 20 pictures from the three photo shoots she had been in so far, trying to build her portfolio.

Tina’s parents were not going to lend her any money, they felt they were feeding and endless money hole and the hole went nowhere. So far they were right. However, Tina insisted on becoming a model and that’s why she did not hesitate when she saw Johnny’s ad for a free photo shoot. Tina called the number and got Johnny. They agreed on having the photo shoot from 11 am till 6 pm next Saturday. Johnny explained that he would be using experimental techniques and that’s why it would be free for Tina. Tina was happy about the experimentation, hoping for some artsy pictures that could make her stand out from the crowd. Tina was assured that the picture would be hers alone and that Johnny would not have the right to put them in his portfolio.

When Tina came into Johnny’s photo studio, she was already 15 minutes late. The bus had been cancelled and she had to find another one. Johnny was fuming and told Tina to go change. “Your outfit is in there” he said. Tina went in and found a nice little purple top and a skirt. She quickly changed and put it on. When she came out, Johnny looked up and down at her. “That’s no good, I can see your pantyline under that skirt, you’ll have to remove them.” Tina paused for 2 seconds. “Don’t worry, the skirt is plenty long”. Tina didn’t want to delay any more than she had already done and quickly went back in the room and took her panties off. Then she came out into the room and was instructed to sit on a chair.


“Put your hands up over your head” Johnny instructed. Tina did as instructed and Johnny took a few pictures.

“Look to your right and stretch your right leg” he instructed. It went on for 5-10 minutes with different poses, meanwhile Johnny taking lots of pictures.

At one point Tina found herself sitting on her knees on the chair, facing away from the camera. She was instructed to lean on the armwrist. That made her lean slightly forward and for a short second, she was wondering whether her skirt was riding up too far. Then she remembered Johnny had said the skirt was plenty long. That’s good to know.


For the next 20 minutes, she was standing up in different poses. “Put your arm on your side” “Lean backwards on your left foot” “Look left” “Look right”. Commands from Johnny were coming left and right.

Finally he wanted her to sit down again – Tina was getting tired of standing up.

“Now, please sit down, hold down your skirt while you put each of your legs on the arm wrists” Johnny said. Tina was holding down her skirt as instructed and slowly went into the pose. Johnny had been considerate when telling her to hold down her skirt, Tina was thinking. He knew that otherwise the skirt would ride up.


As Tina posed like this, Johnny took more pictures. Just then, Johnny’s phone lying on a nearby table started ringing. Tina looked at it as a reflex, but still kept her skirt down. “No, don’t change your pose unless I tell you!!” Johnny yelled. “You have to do better than that!”. Johnny picked up the phone and put it in silent mode.

“Now, look at the camera!” Johnny commanded. Tina did as she was told. She was thinking how this was not only a free photo shoot, but also good practice for her. Good thing she didn’t make a mistake like that at a real photo shoot that she got paid for. That would be terrible unprofessional.

“Now, put your hands on your knees. Don’t worry about the skirt, it should stay in position” Johnny said. Tina very carefully removed her hands and put them on her knees. She kept her eyes straight on Johnny’s camera and did not look anywhere else. However, Johnny’s prediction that the skirt would stay in place, was less than accurate.


“Time for a break!” Johnny then said and started loading the pictures into his computer to view them on a larger screen. He was scrolling through each picture after looking at it for less than a second. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap … he paused at a picture. Tina had just had a drink of water from the kitchen when she walked back past the computer and saw the picture Johnny was looking at.

“That’s … that’s me!” Tina said unintelligently. “Oh no!” she said. It was one of the pictures where her pussy was accidentally visible. “What are you worrying about?” Johnny asked. “These are all your pictures, if you don’t like them, just don’t put them in your portfolio, it’s that easy.”

Tina nodded, but was still taking it in. This was not what she had in mind but was at least happy the pictures would be hers and hers alone. She wouldn’t want Johnny to put those in HIS portfolio.

The second part of the photo shoot commenced with a rather unexpected request from Johnny. “Can you pull down your top a little bit”. Tina re-adjusted it. “A little bit more.” he asked. She pulled it a little. “A little more” he asked again. Tina pulled it down so far, that if she would pull it any more, her nipples would begin to show.

“Pull it down a little more” Johnny then asked. Tina hesitated but then finally pulled down the top and showed her nipples. ‘Why not’ she thought, she could just throw those pictures away, why not humour Johnny.


“Goood” Johnny said.

Tina was directed into a well-known position – the one where she is standing on her knees on the chair – Tina was pretty much sure this time that she would be exposing her pussy. But what the hell, been there, done that. No point in making an issue about it now.


“Time for the experimental part of the photo shoot” Johnny said. He took his shirt over his head and stood bare chested behind Tina. He then started taking his jeans off too. ‘Experimental is one thing’, Tina thought, ‘but this is going somewhere I don’t wanna go’. “Stop, what do you think you’re doing?” Tina demanded to know. “This is experiment!” Johnny explained and was now standing naked, his cock hard from the look of Tina bent over and her bare pussy on display.

“No, I will take no part in this!” Tina said and got down from the chair. “But you can’t stop now, you got this whole photo shoot for free so I could do an experiment, that was our deal!” Johnny said and elaborated “The experiment is, that I want to take a photo shoot with nudity and simulated sex, but make it completele asexual”.

“That’s crazy” Tina observed “that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!”.

Johnny smiled at her. “Hence the experiment” he said. Anyway, if you’re not letting me do this experiment, then I’m not giving you a free photo shoot.” Tina shrugged her shoulders. Johnny explained what that means “That means I get to keep all the pictures – or you can buy them from me…?”

‘Shit’ Tina thought to herself. She could definitely not buy the pictures – and there was no way she was going to let him put the pictures of her genitals in his online portfolio. She thought about his wording – “nudity and simulated sex”. Doesn’t sound too bad – and once he’s done, she will be able to keep all the pictures – and probably delete most of them.

Tina nodded and got back on the chair. Johnny put the camera on automatic intervals and went up behind Tina.


Snap. Snap. Snap. The camera took a picture every 5 seconds. Meanwhile, Johnny was at first holding his hand on her butt but was not moving up closer – until his penis was touching her vagina. Tina twitched. “Hey” she said but Johnny didn’t reach. Tina had to accept this to be part of simulated sex.

Johnny now pressed his erect penis up against Tina’s pussy. It was getting wet from the stimuli and with the penis pushing on her pussy it was resting in her now half-open pussy grove.

Johnny moved away and instructed Tina to lie on the chair and put her leg directly in the air. Although that would leave Tina completely exposed, she was way beyond that now.

When Johnny came to her, he was now wearing a condom. He stood between Tina’s legs and played around with his condom wrapped cock on her pussy. “Only simulated sex, right?” Tina asked, assuming that Johnny would not put his cock inside her. “Well – I’m willing to experiment with that, after all, that’s what this is” Johnny said and pushed his cock into Tina.


Tina had to admit it felt pretty damn good. She had been worked up from all this exciting nudity and he pussy was craving a cock now. She got what she asked for. Johnny moved his cock all the way into her, reaching the bottom of her small pussy. He held a hand on her thigh, holding her bottom tight and pulled her ass in towards himself, fucking her even deeper. His cock slid smoothly in through her wet cunt. Tina started to feel the familiar tingling sensation in her tummy, ‘oh my good, that’s so embarrassing’ Tina thought to herself before she came with a giant moan that the camera couldn’t catch – it could catch the look on her face while it happened though. The horny moans from Tina made Johnny even hornier and he couldn’t hold it any more. He ended it by fucking her even faster – he started cumming while his condom’ed cock was still in her.

The day ended with Tina actually getting all the copies of the pictures and Johnny didn’t keep any of them. Tina’s modelling career never took off, but she did get an experience she would never forget. And the pictures, well she kept those, but kept most of them out of the portfolio or away from anyone else’s eyes – but her own.

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