Half a wedding dress

I hurried home from work – I was late. It was 2 weeks till my wedding and I had scheduled the photographer to take the wedding dress pictures 2 weeks early so everything wouldn’t be so stressful when the big day would come.

I had been so busy, I hadn’t even tried the dress on before this day. I quickly put it on and thankfully it fit great.


The wedding pictures were taken and I was reliefed to have reached another milestone in this crazy wedding.

Six days later it was time to get into my wedding dress again. It was time for the rehearsal with the brides maids. I made sure my husband to be wasn’t home so he wouldn’t see my in my wedding dress.


The brides maids were very supportive and happy. One of them made a very good observation.

“Is this … your wedding dress … I mean all of it?”

“Yes, sure, what, why do you ask?”

“It’s a little unusual – do you still have the box?” my bridesmaid asked. We went to find the box and sure enough, there was a whole extra dress in there that I had overlooked. Oh man, did she save me from a big embarrasment! How would I know something was missing, this is my first and hopefully last wedding.

All’s well that ends well, I got to get married in my wedding dress – all of it.


Then something happened that I had not anticipated. It was the wedding photographer who had taken the pictures while I was only wearing half a wedding dress. He handed me an envelope.


I opened it and it was a picture of me accompanied with the text “meet me upstairs”

I quickly hid the picture and in a state of almost panic I went upstairs to confront him.


He met me on the balcony where we could still see all the guests downstairs.

“Those pictures were hot!” he said “I haven’t been able to forget about you since the day I took those pictures”

“Tough luck, buddy, I just got married in case you didn’t notice!”


Before I could react, he opened the clasp on my wedding dress and let it fall so I was once again in my corset. Except this time I had left my panties off. With the dress I hadn’t needed them.

“What are you doing?” I whispered, making sure no one downstairs could hear me.


“Uhh, you’re driving me crazy” he said when he noticed I was bottomless.

“I just have to fuck you really quick, right now – then no one will ever see those pictures! I promise!”

I didn’t object and he took that as an invitation. He undressed immediately and leant me forward. “Not here” I whispered. “Yes here, that way you’ll be careful” he said. He lifted my leg and pushed his cock into my already wet pussy.



As he fucked me harder and harder, my corset sprung open, exposing my breasts.


As soon as he came in me, I buttoned up the corset and put my dress back on. I hurried down and tried to mingle with the guests.

I found the brides maids who congratulated me.


One of them said “Imagine if we hadn’t told you that you were missing half of the wedding dress, that could have gone so wrong” she said and the other brides maids giggled.

“Yes, lucky me” I said, as noticed a blob of cum landing on the ground below me.

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