Having a drink

I was out with my girlfriend, dancing and having a drink. She was wearing her favorite dress – or was it MY favorite dress? A little black number that made her look extra hot, not that she needed it.

I couldn’t keep my hands off her.


“Wow, we’ve been dancing for like 20 minutes now!” my girlfriend said “I think I need a drink”.

She went up to the bar and ordered a drink, but I could see that she started talking with one of the guys. It could tell from the way they were talking, that he had offered to buy her a drink, and that she had accepted.


My girlfriend is like that. Someone offers something and if she wants it, she says yes. In this case a drink.

But she doesn’t think that it is implied that buying someone a drink comes with certain expectations of at least having a casual conversation.

“Come on, let’s dance! Drop the zero, get the hero!” the guy said and my girlfriend laughed and agreed and went to dance with him.


He was what I would call the grabby type.

He was touching her thighs but as I discovered a bit later, he was actually also pulling up her dress. It got the attention of all the guys in the bar and this scene was now the thing they’d all been waiting for to break the boredom of sipping drinks all night.

He danced close to her and my girlfriend danced with him and had fun.


More guys came down to dance around her and I found myself being pushed out of the group, they were paying more attention to my girlfriend and maybe didn’t want me to take over the dance and then all the fun would be over.

I didn’t blame them, but maybe just because of the group mentality, they got a little forward and a few guys kept me away while others were playfully pulling at the strings of my girlfriends panties.


I wasn’t going to create a scene over it, though, I am not the jealous type. My girlfriend seemed to just be having fun with our new friends and I did not want to spoil the fun.

At one point I did think the fun went a little too far, when one of the guys started pulling her dress over her head and the other was holding her hands up so she couldn’t stop it.


As soon as her dress was up, hands were grabbing her boobs and fondling them.

I couldn’t get to her, but now I yelled through the room to her. “Lisa, are you OK!?” I yelled. Lisa is the name of my girlfriend.

“Oooohhh yeaaaahh” she responded.

It was slurry speech and not like her. Did she drink that much already? I didn’t see her drink much, so she couldn’t be drunk, maybe she was just caught up in the moment. But she confirmed she was OK, so I still did not want to make a scene.

They pulled her panties off.


They realized I wasn’t stopping them and they let me come closer, and I was able to see a little better what was going on. Lisa was apparently fine with it, but I wasn’t sure she really understood what was going on. She was now naked in a bar where we know no one else and all the other guys in the bar are having their cocks out.

They put her on a speaker and one of the guys started fucking her.


“Lisa, are you OK, I mean if this is what you want  …”

“Fuck meeeeeeee!” she said “eeee-eeee-eeee” she stuttered for each thrust that went into her.

They were taking turns fucking her, none of them wore a condom and my girlfriend didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Weird, because she wanted to wear a condom with me for the first 2 months. Maybe it was me that had weaned her off condoms.


I was uneasy about the whole situation. We were officially going steady and exclusive so she was cheating on me right now, but I wasn’t sure if that’s how it works, when you do it right in front of your boyfriend. She is partying, you might say.

I figured the best way to handle it was to join in and I got naked as well and was standing around, waiting for my turn. Then one of the guys started cumming in her pussy. “Looks like she is closed for business!” another said, apparently none were fans of sloppy seconds.



The rest of them gathered around and jacked off on her face.

“Aron, can we go home now?” she asked me. I nodded. “Yes, Lisa, let’s go home”


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