Hazing at the supermarket 2

Carmen had been through quite a hazing when she joined our supermarket as a cashier. She was taken to a bar, stripped down and fucked. Usually newcomers say stop way before it goes that far, but Carmen didn’t know that she could say stop and she let it go all out.

2 months later, it was time for another cashier to join the staff and this time Carmen was determined to make sure she got a suitable welcome.

“Welcome” Carmen said, “We’ve arranged a little house party here. It is going to start soon and you have to go through a little hazing to join the sisterhood of the supermarket”.


Lin nodded. “OK, is that something you all went through?” she asked. “Yes” Carmen answered truthfully.

“Because you are the new girl, you have to start out the party on the floor here until someone frees you. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” Carmen said “But not for you” Carmen whispered to one of the other staffers.

She had Lin lie down and she tied her arms and legs to the floor.


“Uhh” Lin said “I should have known this, then I would wear a longer skirt or pants. Now people can see my panties”.

“I wouldn’t worry about that” Carmen advised her. It was true that people seeing her panties would not be something she would worry about in just a few moments after the party started.

“Lin, it’s very important that you don’t say anything at any point during the night, then you have to start all over” Carmen instructed her. Lin nodded.

People started coming in and poured drinks. The bar was stocked with hard liquor and not much soft drinks, so everyone was having dry whiskey and so on.

One of the other cashiers decided to get things started by tickling Lin and she gave out a heartiful laughter.


One of the shelfers went up to her and started fiddling with her panties. That stopped her from laughing. Up until now, she had assumed there were something of a gentlemans agreement. There wasn’t.

The guy decided to simply pull her panties off in one smooth motion and the panties snapped off.


While the shelfer was playing with her pussy, Carmen was working her top and pinching her nipples.

“How can we can get this off” the Carmen asked, and tried pulling at her top. It wouldn’t come off from just pulling at it, so someone handed her a pair of scissors.


After cutting the top, it left Lin completely naked and she suddenly felt very very vulnerable, very naked and very tied up.

A couple of people continued playing with her pussy and enjoyed watching her squirm. Carmen would playfully put her fingers in Lin’s pussy,


Carmen put four fingers in Lin and started forcing them in and out of her pussy. She first went slow, then a little faster and soon Lin’s body started betraying her and she was starting to enjoy it.


Carmen had prepared well for the second round. She had installed a hook in the ceiling. She took the rope from there, tied it around her legs and around her back and then secured it with a double knot.

She then released her arms and legs from the floor and slowly hoisted Lin up.

“Please” Lin whispered to Carmen, although she knew that she was not supposed to talk. “OK” Carmen said “I will help you remember not to talk, here is a gag”


She tied the ball gag around her head and put the ball in her mouth.

A shelfer was feeling her butt and other people were standing around.

Carmen put a pile of condoms on the table for anyone who wanted to use them and it was also a signal to the party that it’s an all access buffet.

A guy grabbed a condom and went to her. Because Carmen had already masturbated Lin, she was already wet and his cock went in smooth.


Lin wasn’t saying anything else than muffled sound as she was being fucked. “Can you hand me that drink” the guy asked his buddy and so he found himself fucking this girl hanging from the ceiling while sipping whiskey.

Not bad for a Tuesday.

The guy went for a break and another guy took over and it was a full fledged gang bang.


Throughout the night, for many hours, there was always someone using the fuck doll of the night. The rumor of the party made cars of young horny boys arrive and fuck this girl.



As Carmen was watching, one of her colleagues came up to her.

“you’re really giving her no mercy huh” she said to Carmen.

Carmen looked back at her colleague. “Is it too much? You guys tied me to a lamp post”

“Right – even so …”

Carmen looked at Lin and saw that she didn’t seem comfortable and she didn’t seem to be having much fun any longer.


“Right” she said and started untying Lin.

“Just one question” Carmen said to her colleague. “Does the supermarket or do we get the profit from the tickets we sell at the door?”

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  1. Hated this one. Glorifying and sexual ISO get rape is not a turn on. Do more teacher student got fantasy expectation ones those are amazing but not ones without consent.

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