Hiring a TV hostess

I was hired as an assistant producer at a little TV station covering the local area. Assistant producer is really just another word for copying papers and getting coffee for my boss. That was true until one day my TV station needed a producer for a TV show we call “20 minutes with Mr. Ryback”. Charles Ryback has a little show where he talks about politics.

The Ryback show doesn’t really need a producer for and it never had one before, but a new policy at the TV station demanded that every show has an assigned producer, even if there is nothing to do. Management put my name on as producer, just because they know I show up at work every day, nothing else.

It gave me a very small symbolic raise, but more importantly, it gave me a business card saying my name on it and saying “Producer”. After wondering for a while about what to do with it, I came up with a fun idea. I actually had a budget now and I decided to spend it on hiring my own assistant. I got it approved by management and then I put up an ad.

Hostess for TV show

Are you our new hostess? Do you dream of a career in entertainment?

Then this may be your chance. We seek a new hostess for our TV show (undisclosed) and want a fresh face, so this may be your chance.

Apply today be sending an email with a picture to this address.

I got hundreds of applicants. Turns out, lots of women are dreaming of a career as a TV hostess.

I invited a dozen for interviews. I won’t bore you with all of them, but I will tell the story about the day when Carly came for her interview.

I handed her her costume and showed her to the changing room. After a few minutes she yelled from inside the room. “Excuse me … I think there’s a problem. This costume doesn’t fit me”.

“It’s OK” I yelled back “We’ll find a better fitting costume later, for now just wear it as it is and come out for the interview”.

When she came out I thought the costume fit her perfectly.


So, please list your experience as a TV hostess so far.

Uhm … well, I don’t really have much experience. I mean, I have been in a play when I was younger and … well, I worked as a waitress and there you kind of have to be in front of a lot of people, I mean, taking orders and stuff…

OK, don’t worry about that, just tell me why you want to be a hostess in a TV show

Well, I guess I think I could be good at it and I have seen lots of TV, so I know how it works. I also wouldn’t mind having a job that I could really be proud of and that people would want to hear about. I don’t get a lot of wow’s based on my waitress job, I must admit.

The interview continued with different standard questions, until I decided to take it in a different direction.

Would you consider yourself shy?

No, not at all, I would not be shy in front of a camera or anywhere else. Of course, I might get a little nervous the first time like everyone else, but I think I’m not generally shy.

Would you be too shy to lower your top and show your nipples?

What? Yes! I mean no, but why are you asking. What is this?

It’s one thing to SAY you’re not shy, it’s another to actually prove it…

Well, I’m not shy but …

… but …

yeah, OK, why not – as I said, I’m not shy at all, it’s not going to be a problem.

Carly lowered her top.


Good, I guess you’re not that shy – of course, it’s a completely different thing to be on camera

Listen, mister, I don’t know what kind of TV show this is, but I want to make it completely clear, I am not going to show my boobs or anything else, for that matter, on local TV. So if it’s that sort of thing, you can just forget it. OK?

I explained to her that it isn’t like that and I even told her (truthfully) that it would be in her contract that she would not be expected to endure any nudity of any sort on the show.

Then I decided to drop the bomb on her.

“To prove your dedication to the job, you’ll have to give blowjobs to me and my colleagues.”

I pointed to my 4 colleagues, who were in fact friends of mine, that didn’t work at the TV station.

“What?” she was outraged now “You can forget about that!”

“Alright” I said “But those are the terms. And you can rest assured, the terms are the same for everyone else who comes for this interview”.

She hesitated.

“Do you mean right now?” she asked.

“No time like the present – have a seat over there, we’ll be right there”.

She sat down. I fetched my friends and we came to her with our cocks hanging out.

“Go ahead” I told her.

She hesitated.

Finally she built up courage to grab it.


“And you really want me to suck all your dicks?” she asked, still couldn’t believe that we would build something like that into the interview process.

“Yes, go ahead – kiss it – or kiss your dreams goodbye”

After some talking back and forth, she put it in her mouth and she didn’t need any more encouragement after that. Either she enjoyed it or she wanted to get it over with. Either way, it was working out fine for us.



She took turns blowing us.

Once she got all of us hard, I asked to to stand up and take her top off. Having already taken it down once, she didn’t hesitate now.

“And those too” I said and pointed to her underwear.

She hesitated for a second. “There is no hidden camera or something stupid like that, right?” she asked. “No, don’t worry, it’s just for our enjoyment”.

“Hrmpf” – she wasn’t content, but lowered her panties off anyway.


Once she was naked, she found all of us sitting in our undies in the couch.

“Come over here” I commanded her.

“Come and sit here”. I pointed to my lap. She sat down, although she seemed very uncomfortable.

“What now?” she asked nervously.


“I feel like pizza” one of the guys said. “I feel like fucking” another one said. “I vote for the last one” I said.

“Guys – are you seriously expecting me to let you fuck me?”

“Yes, why not?”

“Just for an interview … ?” she asked.

“No – not just for an interview. For a job. If you do this, the job is yours!”

“For sure?” she asked – obviously now entertaining the idea of letting us fuck her to get the job. It was visible in her eyes, how she could see her dream fulfilled.

“But get on that floor now, before I change my mind – and before we get soft!” I commanded her. Then and there, she made up her mind and lied down on the floor. She didn’t know exactly what to do, but we did.


We took turns fucking her and stopped each time we were getting too close to cumming. We would be able to keep it going like this for a very long fucking.


After a while, one of the guys decided to mix it up a bit. He started working his cock into her asshole.

Carly wasn’t verbally protesting, but she was as surprised as the rest of us about this development.


His hard work paved the way for the rest of us and when she was fucking me while on top of me, one of the other guys were able to take advantage of the unused hole to get her good and fucked everywhere possible.


I stayed under her while the others took turns in her asshole. After they did a full round, someone switched places with me, and the rest of continued to fuck her in the ass.

We were all having trouble lasting more than a few seconds at a time and decided it was time for the big finale.

We sat her down and stood around her and covered her in our cum.


I told her to stay like that and she just sat in our cum and waited.

I went to write up the contract and bring it back to her. Yes, of course I was going to offer her the job of TV hostess, just as I had promised.

She read through the contract and even noted that she would not be expected to endure any nudity on the show. We both signed the contract and she was very happy.

She came to work the next day in a nice neutral business suit.


“Welcome to your first day at work – are you excited?”

She smiled and nodded.

“Well, first things first, that suit is nice, but let’s get you into your work clothes” I told her. “Please undress to your underwear”.

After the day she went through yesterday, she saw no reason to hesitate.


“OK, thanks, that looks great. Now get used to it being a little cold in the beginning. Please get me a cup of coffee”.

She didn’t understand me, it seemed, because she didn’t move.

“What do you mean? Where are the clothes you wanted me to wear?”

“That will do fine – you are our new hostess here at the TV station. Your job is to greet people when they arrive and make sure they are comfortable, such as bringing them coffee and seeing to their needs”.

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