Dear Headmaster

We have a rule about always being hospitable at campus. It started with serving tea to guests and developed into something quite different.


What it has developed into is guests coming in unannounced in the early morning, when others have been out partying and are still sleeping in. It results in certaint recordings and some groping.

I have attached evidence of this.


Boys will be boys – but what happens next is that when I and any other girl who is found in this situation wakes up, because of the rule of being hospitable, the groping continues.

Different girls interpret the rules differently, but it is certainly going in one direction and that is towards more and more … hospitality.


Once the boys have made their presence in a girls room, they stay there and they continue along the same path that they started. It may lead to more groping, but lately it has led to even more than that.

I find consistently that the boys will help me out of my panties.


Because of the general rule stated about hospitality, this leads to even more close contact and there is really no stopping it at that point as long as the current rules are in effect.

I have attached documentation of this and ask that you do not share it with anyone, except teachers for whom it may be relevant or other students, such as for educational purposes.


Because more than one buy visits at a time, it results in not only intercourse but also an expectation of simultaneous oral stimulation, which I think that the hospitality rules also condone.

And so do the boys.


The boys frequently have intercourse in both my vagina and my ass at the same time.

The upshot of this is of course, that the risk of pregnancy is halved. Something that I assume the boys have learnt in sex ed.


Now, the issue here is of course, that with the latest changes in facility management, more specifically, the automatic locks on the girls’ dorm rooms in the morning, the boys have been unable to make their visits.

So I please ask that we disable the locks or at least distribute keys to the boys dorms so they can continue to visit us and we can continue to show them abundant hospitality.

Thank you!


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