Hosting a cocktail party

We arranged a cocktail party at my boyfriends house and invited his friends over. It was a bit of a milestone for me and my boyfriend. He had been a little afraid of commitment and I haven’t really met his friends before, let alone his family, only by accident.


Now we finally met his friends together, I was happy that he was finally willing to acknowledge that I’m his girlfriend.

I had dressed in my best dress because I wanted my boyfriend to be proud of me.


“Why don’t you sit down there on the armrest?” my boyfriend suggested.

“Sure” I said and sat down. It was a little uncomfortable, but it was OK and everyone seemed happy. I wasn’t actually planning on sitting down originally, because my dress wasn’t very long.


“That’s a very nice breast you have there. I mean dress, sorry!” one of his friends said and they all laughed.

After the laughing died down, my boyfriend thought he would try to keep the laughter going by playing along. I didn’t like the way in which he did it, but I guess he had the best of intentions, it was just quite appropriate.

Would you believe it, he lowered my dress and said “No, you were right the first time, they are really nice breasts. Ha ha ha”.


I tried not to make a scene, but I was politely waiting out for him to be done with his little joke so I could get decent again.

It didn’t go the way I wanted, though, because my boyfriend stood me up and turned my back to them, apparently he wanted to keep the joke going. So he lifted up my skirt and said “And a great ass too!”

The joke seemed to work because the guys laughed and one of them even played along and said “But I can’t see the ass, it’s covered by these panties”. He pulled the panties and the elastic broke and the panties fell to the ground.


“OK, that’s enough” my boyfriend then finally said. “Honey, why don’t you sit down in the couch and relax for a while”

I’m sure his intentions were good, but in the middle of this wardrobe malfunction, it was hardly a great idea to sit down with these guys in a cramped sofa. But I also didn’t want to embarrass my boyfriend in front of his friends, so I figured why not and sat down in the couch.


When I sat down, there wasn’t really enough space for me to even put my legs together. I ended up sitting with my legs pretty spread out and with no panties, it could have put me in a really awkward position, had I not thought to cover my crotch with me hand.

I wouldn’t say I was comfortable now, but at least I could sit here for a while until I could think of an excuse to get up. Perhaps someone needed a cocktail?

But alas, there was no time. All of a sudden, all the guys had their penises out. “Look, we got all horny, we couldn’t really help it.” on of the friends said.

“That’s no problem, I understand” my boyfriend said “She’s has that effect on men”

“Go ahead and grab it” one of the friends said and put my hand on their penises. Meanwhile my boyfriend started fingering my pussy. This was getting really serious.


“I’m sorry” I said, for having cause all this trouble.

“That’s OK” one of the guys said “But there is no turning back now.”

Whoa, this cocktail party didn’t develop the way I had expected.

One of the guys lifted me up on his penis and the rest of the guys, including my boyfriend, poked their penises near my mouth for me to suck.


This was certainly unexpected. At least I was giving the friends of my boyfriend a good party – or so I hoped, because otherwise the effort would be wasted.

My boyfriend then did something he hadn’t done before, not even when we were alone. He lubed up my asshole and started fucking my ass. Meanwhile, I was still riding another guy and sucking off a third guy. For a moment I actually thought of the fourth guy – I wonder what he’s doing right now.


They switched places and one of the others guys starting fucking me in my already gaping asshole. The guy under me had the sense to just stay where he were.

I tried to give my boyfriend special attention, but the fourth guy now appeared and I tried to grab his cock so he got some attention too.


My boyfriend started cumming in my mouth. I knew he wanted me to swallow so I did, but I wasn’t going to swallow the rest of the guys. Not that I had a chance because first the guy in my ass pulled out and the guy in my pussy, both, I discovered had cum in me and the fourth guy had cum in my hair.

They left me on the couch like that. My boyfriend said “OK, time to get up”. I was a bit confused and tired by then. Actually needed a rest more than anything. He then said “Sorry, I have to break up with you”.

“What!?” I said, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“You’ve been cheating on me with my friends” he then explained.

I guess he was right, I just wish he’d said earlier what he wanted.

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