How I got my revenge

I didn’t know this at the time, but my boyfriend Shane was getting blown by his secretary on a regular basis.


I wouldn’t have found out if I didn’t one day come unannounced to his office.

I knocked twice and then opened the door. In the time it took before I opened the door Shane managed to roll forward under the table. For a few minutes I just chatted with Shane, but something was off.


I figured later that the girl had been continuing the blowjob under the table even after I came in and Shane simply couldn’t hide it.

I heard a slight rumbling under the table and I went to look. I saw her gobbling up his cock.

I wasn’t made at her, she was just doing what any sane woman would do with a nice cock like Shane’s, but I was very mad at Shane. Instead of breaking up right then and there, I decided to seek revenge instead!


I went out with the girls that same evening and discussed different ways I could get my revenge. One of my girlfriends, actually one of Shane’s exes, had a suggestion for me.

“I know what you can do!” she said “How many times did you say Shane got a blowjob from this girl? 10? 15?”

“Right” I confirmed.

“I think I have just the way you can get your fair revenge” she said.

And that’s how I ended up here in my underwear in front of roughly 10 dudes with their cocks out.


“Are the photos necessary?” I asked my friend. “Yes” she nodded “How can you rub it in his face if he doesn’t see it?”

“So, what now” I asked, not sure where to start.

“Well” she went “there are no real fixed rules on whether you go clockwise or counter clockwise in this situation. I think you should just start down there, he seems ready.” she suggested.

That’s how I found myself sucking this dudes cock and jacking off the guy next to him, getting him ready.


I moved on to the next guy and the guy after that until I had sucked all of their cocks. Of course at this point, none of them had actually ejaculated so I had just gotten them all horny so far.


I stood up and kind of looked at my friend, not sure what to do next. The guys had an idea, they started working my bra.

image image

“Yes, good idea” my friend said. “Show him what he’s missing”.

They didn’t stop there. They continued to pull my panties down, leaving me butt naked.

“Ohh boy, he is going to be so sorry he cheated on you!” my girlfriend said and snapped more pictures of the action.


I continued sucking cocks while my girlfriend instructed the guys. “Group around her”. They circled around me and all stuck their cock in my face, almost competing for my attention.

“Uhh, girl, you’re looking hot. You show him!” she said, encouraged me.


One guy started cumming in her mouth. “Now, everyone” my girlfriend yelled. “They all started jacking off as fast as they could and within 10 seconds, all of them came in her face and hair.

“Nice!” she went “I bet he wishes all of that was his cum. You sure showed him!” she went.


I sent him the pictures, well actually my girlfriend sent them to him on my behalf. It did work pretty much perfect. He was really mad and that’s what I wanted I guess. I got my revenge.

Of course, in some ways, by sending him pictures of me blowing 10 guys and getting cum all over my face, I also gave him the ammunition to get a re-revenge. I didn’t think that far …

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