Improving a bad deal

One day I was out buying some coke, which I do just about every week. Yeah, I know, it’s a bad habit and an expensive one as well, but I don’t have a lot going on for me in my life, although I do have an apartment, a job and a girlfriend.


My job is shit. I don’t like it and I don’t get paid a lot. Maybe that’s why I need a little coke to get through the day. Or maybe I’m just an idiot.

It’s only more depressing that I can hardly afford the coke with my low paying job, which is the reason why I need the coke in the first place. An evil spiral, isn’t it? Well, I’m not going to quit on my coke habit right now, maybe next month.

My girlfriend doesn’t like my coke habit, obviously, but she tolerates it and me I guess. I must have done something right.

“50” the drug dealer said. “What? It was 40 last time!” I responded.

I made sure I had exactly 40 left for the week so I could get my coke. The idiots raised the price in the mean time. “Sorry dude, everything is going up, it’s 50 now. We gotta make a living too, you know” he said – while wearing diamond earrings.


“I’ll have 50 for you next time” I said, “But I just have 40 now. Can I owe you? You know I’m good for it” I argued.

“I know you aint!” he said and he was right. “Right, but I’ll pay you next time”.

“Sorry bro, we don’t lend people money. We sell our product, that’s it”.

“OK” … I wasn’t going to get the coke, that I really needed to get through the weekend. “OK bro, how about I give you 40 now and you come back to my place and my girlfriend shows you one of her boobs?”

“Hah, dude” one responded, the other said “We aint got time for this”. “We’ll make the time” he said “have you seen his girlfriend?”

They eventually agreed, gave me the coke and came home with me for the exchange. I was not entirely confident that my girlfriend would show her boob to these two strangers for me, but I thought she might.


“What’s this?” my girlfriend, Sandra, said. “What did you get yourself into now?”

I could tell by her tone she was getting tired of me and my inability to sort out my life. “Sandra, I’m a little short this week, but they will give me a discount if you just show them one of your boobs – hun, I wouldn’t ask, but I’m totally broke”.

“You idiot” she just said “Go sit in the corner!”


“So, guys, you want to see a boob and then he gets a little discount, huh? How much discount are we talking?” she asked.

“10 bucks, mam”

“10 bucks! You’re whoring me out for 10 bucks!?” she yelled at me. “No, I mean, it’s just a boob …”

“Right, just a boob, you do have a point” she said “Guys, what if I give both of you blowjobs, how much discount will that give my stupid boyfriend.”

One of the guys looked at the other one. “Well, we can give him his coke for free next time I suppose”.

“OK, that’s what you want, right?” she asked. It so obviously wasn’t. I just wanted her to flash a boob. But I guess she wanted to make a point or something. She got on her knees, pulled their shorts down and started sucking both their cocks.


After sucking both of them for a while, they were both rock hard and did not really need any extra motivation, but my girlfriend was going to take this further. “Hey, how would you guys like to see me naked? How much coke would that give him?”

“Another half pack I suppose” one of them said.


Sandra got up an started taking her top off. They helped her of course, as the gentlemen they were and also groped her a little bit. “Hey, that’s extra!” she laughed as he fondled her breasts.



After getting naked, she sat on all four on the couch and sucked off one of the guys, meanwhile her butt was up in the air, making it an irresistible sight for the other guy, standing there behind her with his erect cock.

“Go ahead, you can stick it in there, just get my boyfriend another half pack, OK?”

Not exactly great negotiation skills on her, I was sure she could have gotten more for that performance. He took the offer and put his cock in her and started fucking her.


After a while, my girlfriend got an opportunity to actually speak and she used that time to get me some more discount. “Another half pack?” she asked as she hovered over the other guys cock, who was sitting in the couch.

Meanwhile, she was still sucking the cock of the other dude. She  was riding the guy hard and wasn’t slowing down. I don’t know if it was even his intention, but I could hear him cumming in her and while he did, she still just continued riding him, milking him dry. “Don’t worry, you don’t pay extra for that” she said and smiled, as best she could with a cock in her mouth.


She got on the floor and sucked off the other guy and let him cum all over her.


“All done, sirs” she said triumphantly. “Now I hope you honor those discounts in the weeks to come, that’s 2 full packs of discount, right guys!”

“Right you are mam” they laughed.

“And don’t forget about the 10 bucks discount for today” Sandra said “After all, you did see my boob, just as he promised”..

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