Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 4

The next Friday when I arrived for the meeting, I was met with a surprising sight. Surprising, even though I was expecting that it wouldn’t be an ordinary meeting.

The surprise was, that everyone was sitting around in their underwear. They seemed very comfortable about it. There was 3 other girls, some dude and then the guy from the sect that had tried to recruit me. His name is Zacharias. When he told me his name, he said “Not Zak!” so he was insisting on being Zacharias every time. Weirdo.

“We have all our sessions in our underwear – you are able to speak more honestly when you’re not wearing all your normal clothes. “Oh, OK I guess” I said. I undressed. Luckily I was wearing underwear today or it could have been might embarrassing.


Although, had I known, I would probably not have chosen underwear that’s slightly see-through.

After I sat down, we started talking. Well, mostly it was Zacharias that spoke. He told about life and death and how you had to live life to the fullest, be spontaneous, follow your instincts and so on. He went on and on, but he was really convincing. Not only because his words were truly inspiring, but also because each time he made a point, he looked around at us. The 4 other people there nodded each time and when he looked over at me, I saw myself also nodding, almost automatically.

“So what do you think?” he then asked. I was about to answer, when I noticed that he was asking the other guys. They didn’t really answer, they hadn’t said much at all. Zacharias instead answered his own question on behalf of the entire group. “We think you’re OK to be in the Inspire Community Club, but you we are not convinced you are truly able to break free from the shackles of society. You know, all these girls have been at these groups naked at one point or another at our meetings, just because they felt like it – do you have what it takes to liberate yourself?”

“Yes I do” I said. In part because I wanted to play along, I was doing very well in infiltrating this sect – but I have to admit he had also highly influenced me. I actually wanted to liberate myself! It was true what he said.


After taking my bra off, I was briefly hit by the fact that I was undressing in front of no less than 5 strangers. My body language showed it.

“Look at how her arms are in front of her body – this is a typical defensive pose.” Zaharias explained to one of the other girls “It’s a dead give away that Liza doesn’t have what it takes”.

By saying that, he added the pressure on my and I quickly took my panties of as well and threw my underwear away almost violently.

I sat down in the couch, now completely naked, very carefully thinking about how I was placing my hands. I wanted to seem exactly as comfortable as the rest of the group.


“Good Liza. What do you think?” he then again asked the other people in the group. Again, they didn’t really respond, well the guy was slightly nodding. Zacharias then turned to me and said “Yes, Liza, we would like to invite you to a joining ceremony next Friday. Would you like that?”

“Yes” I replied. I had noticed something about myself in this group. He was so dominating, that I was no longer responding to open questions. I was waiting for him to ask almost rhetorically so that I could simply say yes or no, according to what he expected of me.

The sect had a profound effect on me – I had to put all this down in my report, in order to show how the sect was recruiting and document how effective it was. It seemed I was going to accomplish the first part of my mission for the secret service on Friday. Joining the sect.

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