Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 5

When I arrived the next Friday, ready to get accepted into the sect, I was amazed the outfit the gave me. They gave me a kind of graduation outfit, I guess so it would feel like I had graduated or something.

They even gave me a diploma, saying that I was now a member of the Inpire Community Club.


“Welcome Liza” Zacharias said. “We are so happy you could come”. There was a group of around 25 people waiting for me, all wearing robes, much like mine. Most of them women, most of them with quite large breasts, but also some men around. One man was filming the event. When Zacharias said that they were happy I could come, all the others mumbled something like that – like “Yes, we’re happy …”

“Liza, do you like this certificate of your membership?” Zacharias asked. “Yes” I answered. I really did. It gave me a feeling of being accepted. Being liked.

“Well, it’s not yours yet. You have to swear an oath. Are you ready?”. What was I going to say now? Obviously I was ready, being an agent of the secret service, trying to infiltrate the sect – but look at the situation I was in. 25 people gathered for this even and then he asks if I’m ready. Well, if I’m not, I would be wasting these 25 peoples time by having led them on, let them believe I would be ready to join. There was only one answer. “Yes”.

He then said “Then it’s time to drop the robe …”

I did as he asked.


I was now supposed to recite the words on the certificate that I had been given 2  minutes earlier, but I had not had any time at all to read it. I really didn’t know what oath he was gonna make me say now.

“Liza, we will call you by a special name in this club. You will still be known as Liza in the outside world, but in this club, you will have a name that only we know. And this name is …” He removed the rubber band of a piece of paper and rolled it out. “… Liza”.

“Liza?” I asked. “Yes, it seems you will also be known as Liza within this club”

He might as well have shut his mouth.

“Liza, are you ready to say the oath now?” Zacharias asked.

Being naked in front of literally dozens of people, I was anxious to get it over with. I said yes.

“Then you must sit in this position, so that you show when say the oath, you have nothing to hide.” He positioned me on the table with my legs as widely spread as they had ever been.


I noticed the camera man was getting some good footage. I was praising myself lucky this was a secret sect sot that this footage would not get out to the public.

He started reciting the oath. When he spoke, being as anxious as I was about getting done, I very quickly repeated what he said, almost before he was done talking.

“I Liza.”

“In order to join The Order…” Oh, so it’s an Order now, is it?

“Will complete the ritual of the life giver.”

“Will obey the will of the grand master” That’s him I guess.

“And will never question the code of the order”. Probably a rule book that I had never seen.

“Liza … “ he then said “you have one more task to do before you are a fully valid entry level member of the order. As you have just vowed, you must complete the ritual of the life giver. All life comes from the sperm of the male, without which no life on earth would exist” he explained “and you must show your worship to the life that god has given us, by expelling the sperm from the life giver of your master.”

Zacharias dropped his robe, revealing he was wearing nothing else and that he already had a boner. “Complete the ritual” he then commanded me. There was nothing for it. I had to do it. My only alternative was to abandon my mission and I couldn’t do that. So I put it in my mouth.


I sucked and licked and sucked some more. Meanwhile, the other sect members were quietly observing. I was reminded by the camera, because he put it right in my face only a few inches away to get all the details. Perverted.

Surprisingly soon after that, he came in my mouth. He came so violently that some of it escaped and ran down my chin, unto my breasts.


Zacharias allowed his breathing to calm down, then looked at me and said “Liza, welcome to the order!”

“You will see life from a new perspective after joining The Order. Everyone, please welcome Liza”.

Everyone then went to me and then one by one, gently cupped my breast. “Just as you worshipped the life giver, they are honoring the life supporters”. He meant my breasts.

“Liza, it’s time for us to tell you, that the real name of our community, is the The Order of Liberation and Inspiration – but normally we just call it The Order.” Zacharias told. “Welcome” he then said once again.

“Thankyou” I said while wiping a bit of cum from my mouth.

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