Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 7

MISSION PROFILE it said with capital case letters. An envelope had been pushed under the door to my apartment. I was ecstatic. It had been 2 weeks since … wait – it had been 4 weeks since I was put on this undercover mission by the secret service and I hadn’t heard anything since.

Finally, some new instructions. I opened the envelope and saw the signature, Thunderbug. This was a mission profile alright, but it was from Zacharias. Thunderbug was his code name in The Order. I would have preferred a mission from the secret service, but this would have to do – at least it might be something that would give me some purpose in life.

The mission profile was not too detailed – all it said was:

Look under your bed. North Park Mall, 7th floor, Room 710 at 10 AM.

I went to my room and looked under my bed – there was a white dress. I slipped it on and went to me car, ready to go – I just had 30 minutes to get to North Park from here, so I would have to leave right away.


At this point, it was no surprise to me at all that the dress was as small as it was. It barely reached my thigh and my breasts were about to fall out. Well, to be fair, my breasts would fall out of almost any dress, being the size they are.

I rushed into my car and drove off to North Park Mall. I went into the mall, found the elevator and pressed the button for the 7th floor. When I came up there, it was not much like the rest of the mall. There was a corridor with rooms – a bit like hotel rooms, but the doors were too close together. The doors were all grey and the wallpaper was beige with a repeating pattern engraved. I went to find room 710 … and opened the door.

There was a small room with a massage table.


On the table was a small note. On it was the words “Liberate yourself”. That was it. I looked around. Nothing really happened.

I got a chance to look closer at the wallpaper. It had the words Liberation and Inspiration engraved along with some strange scriptures, perhaps it was the same words in Cyrillic and Hieroglyphs, I imagined. This place seemed to be somehow be connected to the sect. In terms of my investigation of the sect, I had maybe struck gold – there was no chance in hell I would have found this place unless I had been infiltrated in the sect.

I heard a knock on the door. “Come in” I heard myself say. “You are gonna liberate me?” a man said as he entered. I hadn’t really received too many instructions on what to do, but there was a massage table and here was a guy, so it seemed pretty obvious what the purpose of this was.


“Uhm, yes, please get undressed, here is a towel for you – then lie down on the table” I said, trying to sound like I knew what I was doing.

He did as I asked, but contrary to what you would normally do at a massage, he lied down on his back.

I didn’t even get started, before his towel was lifting itself from an obvious boner.


I tried to ignore the erection and I started massaging his chest for a bit.

He was giving out sounds of pleasure, way too loud for what I was doing for him.

He then looked up at me for a moment and asked, as he had done before “So are you going to liberate me?”. In the sect, I had heard the word “liberate” refer to ejaculation – and I thought it was a pretty safe bet, that’s what he meant too.


I grabbed his cock and started masturbating it.

He gave out sounds of pleasure, but also other sounds – like confusion, that he was unhappy or surprised at what I was doing. Had I read too much into the situation, was he really just expecting a normal massage.

“Are … Are …” He stuttered. I stopped masturbating him for a while. “Are you just gonna stand there?” he asked me. “Come one” he said and pulled down my bra in one movement with his hand.

I got the message, undressed and sat on him. Apparently this was what he had wanted. Men. So predictable.


I fucked him hard – he just lied back and enjoyed. What had he done to deserve this, I wondered – he just entered the room and now I was fucking him.

And where was Zacharias? Is this what it’s like to be a member of this sect? Why are they doing this to me? What’s the purpose?

These thoughts and more went through my head, while I was fucking him. At the same time, I reminded myself of the mission I was on. I could not abandon my mission, I was working for the secret service, on an important mission to infiltrate the sect. With this thought in my head, I continued to fuck the dude.


No, this was not what I had expected when I applied to join the secret service, but there’s a reason it’s secret – it’s because we are doing things that the public are not supposed to know about. This is where I have to stay strong and remember my training.

I could hear his breathing get louder. I stayed in the same position, kept letting his cock swoop in and out of me, the best I had learned. Suddenly I felt something happen inside me – he had cum in me. I sat down on his cock and it was completely buried in me. Some cum was sieving out from within my pussy down unto him. I took the towel and wiped it away, then I held it under me as I climbed off of him.

He got up, put his pants back on, said “thanks” and left.

Regardless of how you look at it – it’s a job well done, I guess. Moments after the door closed, it opened again. Zacharias entered. He spoke to me. Ohh, how I had missed hearing his voice. He told me about liberation and inspiration, about letting lose of my inner inhibitions and how that would require training – that he was willing to give, in return for my loyalty. Of course I would be loyal to him, who had given me so much understanding of life, the universe and everything.

After Zacharias left, I just sat back smiling. I lied down on the massage table and looked up at the ceiling. It was a beautiful white ceiling, a lamp was hanging from it, that shined down on me.

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