Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 8

4 days later, each day spent at the massage table with 2 clients coming in each day. Zacharias visited me the second day too – I missed his sweet voice so much on the third and the fourth day, so much that I really wanted to go to the resort to see if I could find him there.

But I hadn’t received any new mission from Zacharias so I decided to drive to the mall again this morning.

On the way, however, something unexpected happened. A cop pulled me over for speeding. It was ludicrous, I wasn’t speeding at all.


The police officer looked at me and smiled. “It’s OK” he said – “I know who you are, Liza”. He lowered his sun glasses and winked at me.

For a moment there, I had completely forgotten who I was.

Liza… The happiest girl in the world – no, no, that’s wrong. I’m Liza, agent of the secret service, on a mission to infiltrate a sect.

“Liza, we’re calling you in for a report” the officer said. “You must have something to report now. We haven’t heard from you in almost two months”.

When I came back to the office, they gave me my old clothes back and told me to be ready for debriefing in 10 minutes. For some reason, that I to this day cannot explain, I just put my underwear on and greeted my superior like that.


“Liza?” my boss said.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Do you need a few more minutes to get dressed?” he asked me.

“No I’m fine” I explained, “I can better tell be truthful like this” I said – I could hear the words of Zacharias in the back of my head.

I handed him the reports that I had written every day during the last many weeks. He looked and saw I had written a lot, but didn’t read more right now, instead he asked me directly “Liza, what happened to you”.

I explained how I had been stripped naked, had been trained at the resort, how I eventually had ended up in the rooms by the mall and had serviced other members of the sect.

“That’s interesting” my boss said “so did you find that they were doing anything illegal?” he asked.

“Well” I said, kind of surprised by the question “They are lurking young women to abuse them” I said.

My boss skimmed through what I had written and then looked up. “But it says you did all of this voluntarily” he said.


My boss looked down again, read a little then looked up and observed “But then it’s not illegal …”.


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