imageEveryone knew that you had to be part of the best sororities to get to all the best parties and even to get good grades, because they were also experts in efficiently studying. Senior students or even graduates would regularly come to the sorority house and help out.

I had pressured Jennifer, the leader of the most popular sorority for a while to get a chance to become a member. Jennifer seemed annoyed at me for asking so often, but all of a sudden she said that she was willing to give me the chance.

Then of course there was the dreaded initiation. The event that we all know is there and its like an inside secret how it is and it shows your commitment.

I was extremely nervous when I showed up the time and place that I was told by Jennifer. See what she made me wear.


And the worst part – well, you cannot see it on this picture, but I think she got my sizes from or something.

It had said “no underwear” on the instructions, and that’s fine, I often don’t wear underwear. However, this skirt was simply the shortest skirt I have ever worn.

I looked in the mirror from behind. “That’s not so bad” I told myself. Yes, it was short, but basically showing the same as a thong.


From the front, people standing next to me would not be able to look up my skirt. But people from further away or sitting down would definitely have that chance – but would they be able to really see anything from a distance.


I was nervous but I decided it was reasonably OK for one night only.

I decided there was no reason to be nervous about my clothes and that turned out to be an accurate assumption, although for different reasons.

“OK, you can come in now, we are ready” said Jennifer, the leader of the sorority.

When I entered I did a double take. An entire fraternity was waiting for me – and they had their cocks out and was stroking them.


I looked at Jennifer. “What is this?”

“An initiation” she said and giggled.

“And I guess you want me to give all these guys blowjobs” I asked, regretting making it so easy for her.

“Oh yes” she laughed.

I pretty much knew that the initiation was going to be something sexual and when they showed me what to wear I was not in doubt at all – but I had nothing like this in mind.

i hesitated a bit but told myself that this would not be the first I give some handsome stranger I have just met a blowjob in an alley. I mean, who doesn’t. And this was going to be just like that.


I started blowing each guy and I tried to jerk the next guy a bit.

They switched places so I ended sucking all their cocks.

None of them came, though.

Of course, you, the reader, knows why they were holding back but I didn’t at the time.

They started groping my breasts and took my top off.


I looked at Jennifer. “Are they going to take my skirt off too?” I asked.

“No need” she said and I was relieved for a second, but realized that there was indeed no need, because this skirt was so freakin’ short.

The leaned me over a barrel and lined up behind me.

“Wait – Jennifer, does this guarantee that I become a member?” I asked. “We’ll see” she said.

I put my foot down. “No, you have to guarantee it, otherwise I won’t do it.”

“What do you think guys?” Jennifer asked. They all nodded. “OK, I guarantee this will make you a member.”

Satisfied I had made her promise and already half way through, I bent over and started getting fucked from behind.



I have never been fucked so much. They took their good time and switched places all the time without cumming. They must have been going on for at least an hour, but I lost track of time.

Then, as an avalanche, they started cumming.

First one guy pulled out and came on my ass. The next one came in my pussy and the next guy as well!


The rest of them jacked off in my face and made my suck their cocks clean.


“And now for the picture” Jennifer said.

“What? No! No pictures. What if it gets out!?” I said and was worried.

“It won’t get out – that’s our guarantee to keep you in line” Jennifer explained.

“Yeah, I get that –but I don’t want that picture taken” I explained again.

“Of course that is up to you” Jennifer said, “but then you do not become a member – quite a pity after everything – you’re so close”.

I decided – to heck with it. She was right. I had been through so much. “OK, take it quickly then”

But I wasn’t going to give the satisfaction of a smile.


“Congratulations” Jennifer said “You are now an honorary member of the fraternity!”

“What!? The fraternity!?”

“Yes” said one of the guys “That means you can come visit the frat house any time you want”

“But … the sorority” I said and Jennifer cut me off. “Yeah, as I already told you last week, you are not eligible for the sorority, but you wanted to be a member, so I arranged your honorary membership of the fraternity instead.

I’d been had. Jennifer had in a way kept her word, but I also think she knew fully well I had hoped to join the sorority.

Weeks later I thought to myself, though, that I might as well actually use the opportunity to enter the frat house – perhaps they would also have study guide or something like that.

It turns out the initiation was a quite accurate representation of what goes on in that frat house.

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