Interview with an Exhibitionist Couple

So, Luke and Jada, thank you for participating in this interview. So you self-identify as an exhibitionist couple – can you explain what that is?

Luke: Well, yes, we are an exhibitionist couple, but we have different roles, like I try to help set things up and it’s more my wife that does the actual exhibitioning.

Jada: Yeah, Luke is what makes it fun, I would never do something like this alone. In fact I never thought I would do anything like this before I met Luke.

So let’s go back to the beginnings – how did it start?

Jada: I am not sure we agree on this, but I think it started when he bought me that white dress with the huge cleavage. That turned some heads when we went out for dinner!


Luke: Maybe that sort of triggered something, but I never thought of that as the beginning.

Jada: For me that experience was how you got me wearing that swimsuit on that vacation. Remember, my boobs kept popping out because it was too small.

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Luke: Yes, I remember that – but that wasn’t it for me – because no one saw that.

So that is part of what is important to you as exhibitionists. People must see it.

Luke: Yes – but for me it’s not just people. It’s more fun if it’s someone I know. Makes it more personal.

Jada: Now I remember – how about that time when your work buddy Jimmy dropped by late. The guy you kept calling Gemini.

Someone dropped by and did you prepare for this.

Jada: I didn’t, but maybe Luke did!

Luke: Ahh, I remember now. No, I did not plan for that, but you’re right. You were heading to bed and going through the living room and you didn’t know I had Gemini over. You wore a lose gown all ready for bed.


Jada: Oh yeah, I remember that – I wasn’t wearing much underneath.

Luke: I think you liked that, because you stayed and small-talked for a minute with your one nipple almost out.


So this was all an accident and that started something between you then?

Luke: Yes, I think subconsciously I was trying to recreate that situation again.

Jada: Me too – you started having more buddies over and I made sure to get ‘caught’, like that time with James, you know, the other Jimmy. Little Jimmy.

Luke: Oh yes, was that the blue one.

Jada: Green one.


Luke: I couldn’t believe you. You kept coming in asking if we wanted more beers and chose this time to start watering the plants. Hilarious. And Little Jimmy was obviously getting uncomfortable in his seat. Just hilarious.

Jada: And do you remember Neville – he was so sooo sorry that he had seen me naked and you kept explaining to him that I hadn’t been naked. He had just ‘caught’ me in my underwear. Sooo funny.


Luke: Oh, oh, oh, maybe my all-time favorite – when Hank came to pick up the cookies for the bake sale.

Jada: Oh yes, so I was just wearing the apron and when he came in I just handed him the cookies and said “It’s hot today, huh?”.

Luke: He was just stunned.

For how long did these games go on?

Luke: Maybe a year or so – I mean with this sort of thing then …

Jada: Then … oh, you’re thinking of the denim jacket.

What happened with the denim jacket?

Luke: It is more about what she was wearing under it. It was a see-through mesh.

Jada: Well, it wasn’t THAT see-through. Barely.

Luke: I had a colleague of mine over, I forget who it was now, and Jada comes in with two cold beers and tells us she is going for a nap. Manny, that was his name, stared shamelessly at Jada and she acted oblivious to the attention.


Jada: Did he really!? I didn’t notice that!

Luke: Hah! So you were really oblivious. And there were also that other time when you walked past the pool outside just holding your bra up, saying “Excuse, I’m just going to go change”.


Luke: So many good ones.

But at one points I understand you started doing these games a little differently.

Jada: Yeah, the one about the pants – actually we didn’t plan this, well not all of it. I just thought of it and then it went from there.

Luke: Yeah, so I supposedly left the house when this business partner was visiting and I told him I’d be back in an hour. Actually I stayed outside and peeked through the window.

Jada: We wanted to see what would happen if Luke wasn’t there. I pretended I needed his help with me pants. “Can you zip me up” I asked and when he looked up, he did not see what he expected after hearing that line.


Jada: “Yeah, these pants are tight, can you give me a hand” I asked him. It went in an unexpected direction from there, because he actually started taking more of my clothes off. “You’re so hot” he said. He just thought it was on. I knew Luke was looking on so I expected him to stop it if it got out of hand.

Luke: Really? You were waiting for me to interrupt?

Jada: Yes, well if you wanted to. He ended up getting me naked and taking his cock out. I gave him a good blowjob and that was that. A very horny moment for both of us.

Luke: For me too


Was this the only time your exhibitionsim actually turned into something really sexual like this?

Luke: No. We tried a similar thing later on where we had sold a boat and when the guy came to sign the deal, Jada said I would come later and excused her

Jada: “Oh I thought it was my husband who had forgot his key” I said when the guy opened the door. I was just wearing me underwear – and the bra was very see-through.


Jada: I showed him to the couch and didn’t change when I offered him a glass of Jack D that I served to him in my underwear. “Did you think about whether you wanted to take over the lease?” We had this construct where we had leased the boat with option to buy and if he paid $2000 extra to take over the lease, we would end up with $5000 more because we would get re-imbursed from the leasing company.


Luke: I think you are getting off track here.

Jada: Oh, right, so I was serving him in my underwear and asking him to sign off on the lease thing and then he just whipped his hard cock out. I started giving him a blowjob.


So it was some sort of quid pro quo, then?  The blowjob for releasing the lease?

Jada: What? No, those two were not directly linked. But it’s true he ended up signing to release the lease. That was nice of him. That was also the first time one thing led to another and he actually started fucking me. Luke was in the next room so I was just going with the flow and waiting to see if he’d stop me, but he didn’t.


Luke: What? Yes I was in the next room, but I had no idea you were fucking? Did you really fuck that guy with the boat?

So you two did not plan any of this?

Luke: No, I didn’t even know about it until right now.

And was this the only time something like this happened?

Luke: Yes

Jada: No, you’re forgetting about the massage you asked me to give your boss.


Luke: Yes, I remember that, what about it?

Jada: When he turned around halfway through, he removed the towel and showed his boner. Then I understood what it was you wanted me to do in this massage.


Jada: He said “You gave me a raise – I will repay the favor”. A cheesy joke. So I got undressed too and gave him a full body to body massage.

So you were naked too when massaged him?

Jada: Well, yes, but … it wasn’t so much a massage as me riding him.


Jada: After he came, he thanked me for the great massage and told me he saw many benefits in making sure to keep Luke in a high position at work. You remember, you got your big raise shortly after that.

Another quid pro quo, then?

Jada: No no, Luke worked hard for that promotion, but yeah maybe it was done a little faster this way.

Luke: Did anything else like that happen again?

Luke, please let me ask the question in this interview. So, did anything else like that happen again?

Jada: Oh yes, remember that time in the pizza place, I pulled up my t-shirt.


Luke: Yeah, no, I think she means anything like the so-called massage.

Jada: Oh yes, one time you were traveling for work, your boss did ask me to come to his house. He wanted some bikini pictures, but the bikini he gave me was probably the worst bikini I have ever worn.

Jada: It was like a string bikini and not giving much coverage, not for my boobs but honestly not much for my pussy either.


Jada: After the photoshoot, his two friends had apparently become horny and I must say I would have been offended otherwise and they both had hardons. So I did the polite thing and gave both of them blowjobs.

Luke: You know, you can be polite without giving blowjobs.


Jada: It was still the sort of exhibitionism that Luke and I enjoyed, because his boss was taking pictures of everything. I felt very exposed.

Jada: Predictably, they got me naked as well and started fucking me.


Jada: Less predictably, the other guy started pushing his cock into my asshole. Successfully, even, because he had put some lube on his cock. Totally hot.

Luke: Wait, I never even fucked you in the ass.

Jada: I thought you didn’t want to.

Luke: I don’t. Even so.


Then what happened?

Jada: They didn’t cum in me. Well, the guy came in my ass, but it seemed like an accident. So that was cool. And the other one came on my tits. “The money shot” Lukes boss called it.


Luke: Wait, is this around the time that my boss promoted me to that position that required me to travel abroad for 10 days a month?

Jada: Yes – your boss told me he would have never asked you to do that unless he was sure he could “keep me entertained” while you were away. He has been really good at that.

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