Invited over for a drink

I always like hanging out with my big brother and his friends. They are so much cooler than my own friends. I was very pleased when my brothers friends invited me out for a picnic one day. My brother wasn’t there, so I he wouldn’t be interfering – usually he would always call me “little sis” and embarrass me in front of all the guys. Today was my chance to show that I’m actually quite cool


It didn’t start out well. I hadn’t brought anything to drink, so when I sat down, I could just watch the others sit in drink. Quite embarrassing. Not cool. Fortunately one of the guys were nice enough to offer me some apple juice.

Obviously it was alcoholic. I couldn’t tell how much, but it was strong. “Have some of this to take away the taste” one of the guys said and handed me the bottle. I quickly took a big zip of it, and then realized it was at least as alcoholic as the first drink. It tasted better though, more sugary, it must’ve been why he thought I would like to drink that instead.


The guys are always playing around, making jokes. A few minutes later, I wanted to try the bottle again. I didn’t want to drink too little of it, that would be uncool, so I drank as much of it as I think I could handle, then as I was about to put down the bottle, one guy held it up against my mouth, and I must’ve drunk at least twice of what I wanted.

Ha ha, what a great joke – wow, I was weally gettin’ drunk noow.

All of my body was tingling and I wuz havin’ troubles concentratesing.

One guy suddenly pointed out, that they were all not wearing anything on their top, I wuz the only ones to do that’ses. Ha ha, how silly of me, I thought and I struggled to take my top of. It didn’t matter.


The cool guys wanted to sunbath I think and took off their pants. They also helped me out of my pants.

It didn’t take long before I was all naked. Not wearing any clothes. Wow, this was really a strange feeling. Outside. Not wearing any clothes. I don’t try that very often. But I didn’t feel out of place, because none of the guys were wearing any clothes either.

I remember that some of the guys had stiff cocks at this time. They were still playing around, just having fun. One guy gave me a bottle to drink from, but suddenly, I don’t know how it happened, he had replaced it with his cock. Ha, I didn’t see that coming.


Actually, I didn’t mean for the next thing to happen. I never understood the joke, but suddenly, while they were still playing the bottle and cock switcheroo trick, I looked down, and I distinctly remember that one of the guys had seized the chance to let his cock slide into my pussy.


I don’t remember much from this part. All I can remember is images of cocks everywhere, shoved in my mouth and my pussy. I remember a lot of laughing going on and I think I also remember struggling a bit.

Yes, I think actually at some point I wanted to get up, because I was not really feeling in control of what was happening. Or maybe I just wanted to go home – I don’t remember. But I must’ve been difficult to understand, because I don’t remember them helping me get up at any point.


The rest of the afternoon is a blur to me. I probably had fun, but I don’t remember. Alcohol does that some times.

I don’t know what time it was when I woke up, but I remember I was lying on my back on the blanket with my legs spread and I was sore all over, expecially in my pussy. I could still hear talk and laughter around me. I sat up slightly and looked around. There they were, still talking. I got up. It was late afternoon now and a bit cooler, so they had lighted a bonfire. They were sitting around it, poking at the fire.

All I could find on the ground was my top, so I put it on. I stood there bottomless with cum dripping from my pussy. Wow, what an afternoon. I wanted to ask the guys if they had seen the rest of my clothes.

They were sitting with their backs to me, so I cleared my throat to get their attention. As I did it, I noticed that there were now 4 guys instead of 3. When they turned around, I saw something really weird – I don’t know what happened. But the 4 guys looking back at me, was not my brothers friends. They were complete strangers – I’ve never seen them before in my life.

“Excuse me – do you know where the rest of my clothes are” I asked.

“Certainly” one of the guys replied.

He then pointed to the bonfire.


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