Invited to party

We were sitting late at night, drinking and partying at the dorm, when one of the girls at the dorm got out in the kitchen in her underwear.


It was obvious that when she went out there, she wasn’t aware that we were sitting here – otherwise she might have dressed differently. But when she was first out there, she didn’t want to hide or anything, so she just pretended that it didn’t matter she was standing there in the kitchen in her underwear.

We tried to be discrete, drinking and laughing. She was just out to get a glass of water, and was probably heading back to bed again afterwards.


But I noticed that she showed some interest in our party. Maybe she was a bit bored or couldn’t sleep, and wanted to join the party. But she was probably too shy to ask.

Mike noticed it too, and asked her. “Do you want something to drink?”

She smiled. “Maybe, what are you drinking?”

“Champagne!” he yelled. “We are celebrating that a record company signed a contract with our band”. That was of course a lie, but it was a nice little story.

“Sure, give me a zip”. She was given the bottle. When she drank directly from the bottle, and was about to stop drinking, Mike held up the bottle, and she had the choice of either keep drinking or spill cherry schnapps over herself. Yes, that’s right, it wasn’t champagne.


She choked in the schnapps and spilled some of it over herself – but only after having drunk almost half a bottle. “Ha ha, that’s not champagne!” She was a good sport about it, even though her top got a little stained from the schnapps.

After having sat there for a while, joining the conversation, she was getting more and more incoherent. “What’s this on my shirt. Ha ha – what’s that. Oh yea, I spilled something, didn’t I? Ha ha – what should I do with it?” She was certainly in a good mood.

Mike answered coyly “Maybe do a wash?”

“Wash? Laundry … n’ … yeah” She tried to take off her top, but wasn’t really that capable. We came to her aid.


She was only sitting there topless for a few seconds, when Mike followed up. “Look, there is some on your panties as well”. She was beginning to get a little drowsy. “Oh, I’m sorry. Please … help”


Mike was very helpful, and helped her off with her panties. She was sitting there naked, not very conscious about it. Maybe she was just cool about it, but maybe the alcohol helped a bit too.

She was certainly not needing more to drink when she asked. “What’s to drink? Is there more of that Cherry Schnapps?”

“Sorry” Mike said – lying, because there was still a quarter of a bottle left. At first I thought he was being considerate, but then he zipped down his pants. “There is only this bottle of cum left” he said, pointing to his dick. “Want a drink?”. She didn’t understand much else than ‘Want a drink’, so she nodded. “Yea, give me some!”


Her cock-sucking instincts took over. She didn’t look too experienced, but every girl has some instincts that tell them what to do with a cock in their mouth.

“Hmm mpff mmm pfff”. She mumbled, with his dick in her mouth.

“What’s that?” Mike asked.

She took his cock out of her mouth. *Slurp* “I think I am getting a little drunk. I’ll just lie down over here for a bit”.

She stumbled over on the kitchen table and Mike followed and did what came natural to him.


“Oh yea, you wanted something to drink, right … ?” Mike talked as he fucked her.

“Wait for it … ”

“aaaannd … ”

“Here it is!”


The boys carried her into her bed and tucked her in. They put that glass of water at the table in her bedroom. She would probably like that when she woke up. How thoughtful of them.

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