It’s you!

I went into the bedroom and there she was, just as I expected. Blindfolded and ready! She called “Mark?”. I didn’t respond at all, but just touched her shoulders gently.


“Mmm that’s nice” she said.

I started lowering her top and caressed her breasts.


“Hmmm … Mark, you smell different, is that a new cologne?”

I didn’t respond, but instead pushed her gently onto the bed and started pulling her underwear off.


I pushed her on her back and started licking her pussy, the best I’d learned.


“Oh yeah, don’t stop, oh Mark, this is just the best. Did you learn some new tricks?”

I continued for a while, listened to her moan while her pussy was getting ready for me.

I put her leg up and stuck my cock in her with little effort. I started really fucking her, each thrust getting deeper and deeper. “Oh Mark, you’re so big, you’re so hard. You’ve never fucked me this deep before.”


I fucked her as much as I could and just relished the moment, as did she. She moaned more and more, I guess she really hadn’t been fucked like this before.

Just before I couldn’t hold out any longer, I pulled out – I wasn’t going to take any chances. I moved up to her head and sprayed the cum directly in her mouth and on her face.


“Ohh Mark, you never cum that much! What’s gotten into you”.

Then, before I could do anything else, she lifted her hand to the blindfold and lifted the blindfold from her eyes and looked directly at me.

“Oh, hi Mark, it IS you…”

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