Left on a deserted island

“Mom, I’m just going to go with this nice guy for a quick boat ride on the lake, k?”

She was really young and sweet – and it was cute that she yelled at her mom to go on a boat ride. Her mother never answered – she probably couldn’t hear anything from where she was sitting. So I answered for her. “I am sure your mom has no problem with that. I will take good care of you”.


I rowed out for a bit. The lake was quite big. Several miles from end to end. I kept rowing away from shore while we were talking. I wanted to row out so we would be in the vicinity of a small island in the middle of the lake. The island was so far from each edge, that it would be difficult to see from the island to the lake shore and vice versa.

The girl, Linda, didn’t really notice anything. She was just listening to me talking.

She was really sexy, sitting there in that skimpy underwear, completely oblivious to the thoughts going through my mind.


She was just being comfortable, but her legs were wide spread and I couldn’t avoid getting a boner on.

That’s when she laughed.

“Ha ha …” she held her hand over her mouth, trying to stop herself from laughing.

“What? What?” I didn’t get the joke.

“I can see your dick” she said, still laughing.

My cock had become so much bigger, that it had accidentally slipped out of my underwear. Fortunately, she was a good sport about it.

I pouted, pretending to be mad that she had made of fun of me. “You think that is funny? It’s unfair. Now you’ve seen my dick and I haven’t seen your breasts or your pussy” I said, hoping that she would agree that it was unfair. She did.


Oh, that was such a sweet young pussy. If I wasn’t horny before, I was now.

After she had displayed her pussy, she sort of ‘waked up’ and looked around. She couldn’t believe how far from the shore we were. “Can we please get back to land now?” she said. “Sorry, no can do. I didn’t say anything about going back to land. I’m staying out here all night”. Of course I wouldn’t, but she would believe anything.

“All night? I can’t stay out here for so long! Please take me to land.” She was sad. I pretended to think about it. “You really should have thought about that before you went out here.”

“I’m sorry. Please …” she pleaded. “Ok, I’ll get you back to shore for 10 dollars.” I said, well knowing that she wasn’t carrying any money. “But … I don’t have any money.” she said. So predictable. “Ok…” I paused while she was still looking at me, anxious to hear what I had to say. “I’ll buy your clothes for 10 dollars”.

She didn’t say anything for a few seconds. “Will you take me to land, then?” she asked. She wasn’t going to be difficult. “Yes!” I promised her. “Ok. They’re yours.


She pulled off her panties and gave them to me. Immediately, I threw them in the water. She gasped – obviously she thought she was going to get them back, somehow. But now there was no chance of that. She pouted.


After a few moments of pouting she commanded me to take her to land. “Take me to land”. I started rowing and arrived soon after.


. I helped her out of the boat on to shore. I made sure she walked in front of me. When she was far enough on shore, I turned around and went back to the boat. “See you later” I said, and started rowing away.


She looked around, and realized she was on land, alright, but on the island. No way to escape! She turned around, and yelled at me to come back. “Hey, you cheated me. I’m on the island! I can’t swim. Come back”

“Cheated? Come back?” I acted like I didn’t understand at all. “You paid to get you to land and your are on land now. I am not coming back, I fulfilled my part of the deal. Sorry. Take care.” I started rowing farther away and I could see the desperation in her face.

“No please” She yelled even louder. “Come back. I’ll pay you 10 dollars” she said. “10 dollars? Ok” I knew it didn’t matter what amount it was. “Do you have 10 dollars?”

“No” she said. “Ok, do you have any clothes I can buy?”.

She paused. “No …”.

“So how are you going to pay me?” she had no answer for that question, so I answered it myself. “Will you let me do whatever I want with you for an hour?”

“Whatever you want? I may be naive, but I know what you want with me. Ok, for $10, you can touch my breasts. Ok?”

“No” I said and started to row away.

“Wait. Ok, I will let you touch my pussy as well.” she said, having really crossed a boundary.

I played with her emotions for a bit. “Hmm … no” and started rowing even farther away.

It worked like a charm. “OK!” said. “I will let you do whatever you want, but promise to be gentle, ok?” She had really given in. She would really let me do whatever I wanted with her. But it would be too easy to just say yes, so I decided to play with her a bit more. “Sorry, no deal. I won’t be gentle.”

“What you crazy jerk!? Forget it!”. This is when most guys would have backed out and tried to get the previous deal, but not me. I just continued what had worked the previous times, and grabbed the oars, pretending to want row away. I got her. “OK. Come back here and do whatever you want. As long as you take me back to shore. The real shore where we left off. Ok?”

“Alright, that’s what I said to begin with. Why make it so difficult?” I laughed. I rowed back to shore, went up to her, and went right to it. Right to what I had been wanting to do since I asked if she wanted a boat ride. Fuck that sweet pussy of hers.


I had become so horny, that it was only a matter of minutes before I came in her mouth. She was a bit surprised, but didn’t say anything. She knew I had said that I wouldn’t be gentle.

“Ok” she said and started walking toward the boat. “Not so fast, Missy”. She turned around, with a frown on her face. “What now?”

“The hour is not up yet, and you still have 2 more holes that aren’t filled with cum”.

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(they are over 18, don’t worry)

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