Letters from Iowa

Dear Family

I visit Iowa today and see much of Iowa city.


I meet very nice man, him take many pictures of me that I now send to you. I write in english to practice. It is very good here in america, I am learning so much.

I saw the shoppings, the buildings, the inside of building and many other good things.


I learn much about american culture. Very nice man come with me to hotel room and he help me with america culture. He say in america culture it is ok for man to come to girls hotel room and stay there.

I take shower and after I come out of shower, the nice man take picture of me.


He say im very very pretty and in america culture, it is ok for man to take pictures of girl. He also say i take bathrobe off and its ok, he says it is like normal america culture. You told me to learn about america culture so I take opportunity.

He take many picture of me with no clothes.


I know this is not good in home country but this man says its ok in america, no problem he says all the time.

He also say in america they practice the sex all the time. He puts condom on and i not touch penis, only touch condom. He take picture while he touches me with the condom on his penis, inside my vagina.


I like. He makes funny noise and then he is finish. He says welcome to Iowa and say goodbye, but give me camera for to remember.

Nice man says this is very normal, but it not happened again after that day. What you think? Is normal?

3 thoughts on “Letters from Iowa”

  1. You must be Miss Ho. We’ve been expecting you. It very normal. Every man want fuck you just fuck you.

  2. We are a loving society, and so much enjoy expressing our loving feelings to the opposite sex. I would love to express my love to you but in a way that brings you total joy and fulfillment so as to leave you painting with joy.
    Your friend

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