Lost scenes from Lost – Chapter 2

Although Evangeline was the main focus of director J. J. Abrams when making sure there would be alternative footage available in case of lack of income from the show, extra footage of Yun Jin Kim playing the Lost character “Sun” was also made.


That Evangeline was the main focus for this extra footage is obvious from the fact that they made the first promotional material for the show with some nudity with Evangeline.

Again, Evangeline was promised that the pictures would only be used in case the show would not otherwise be financially viable. It’s a pity, because with the sun shining directly over her head and the picturesque ocean and background, this promo shot is really much better than any of the promo shots that were actually used to promote the show.


Throughout the entire first season there were more of this extra footage that was made during the shooting. Evangeline would be asked to participate in different scenes containing nudity. Some were used but blurred or cut in a way to exclude the nudity, some are seen for the first time ever here. Like the one coming up below.

This scene is after Kate has found some fresh water and has been so excited that she went to take a swim in it right away. The scene was replaced with a scene where Kate takes a drink of water instead.


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