Lost scenes from Lost – Chapter 3

In the third season, when the character of Juliet Burke entered the show, played by Elizabeth Mitchell, it was a precondition that she had promo shots with nudity made, otherwise she wouldn’t have been offered the job.


Elizabeth Mitchell was not particularly happy about it, but reluctantly accepted – the result is seen above for the very first time. Evangeline was shown this promo material and it had the pleasant side-effect that she saw that she was not the only one who had to endure some nudity during the shootings.

So far all the nudity had been of a strictly non-sexual character, but that seemed to slowly change during the third season. It started to change with this scene which is, well, not exactly sexual as such, but certainly seemed more daring than the nudity scenes previously recorded.


This scene marked the start of more and more nude scenes being shot during the show. So far, none of them had aired.

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  1. I never actually watched Lost but have always thought Elizabeth Mitchell was smoking hot, especially in her earlier work (Nurse Betty to name one), but now her hotness has increased ten-fold!

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