Lost scenes from Lost – Chapter 5

It was during a scene with nudity late in season 3 that Evangeline first felt that some of this nudity had been quite unnecessary to the plot of the show. She was fleeing from what she thought was The Others and hadn’t had time to get fully dressed. So far so good. But at one point Jeff asked her to please put her hand on her ass and spread it out a bit. She did as instructed but later thought about why he had asked her to do that and she couldn’t come up with an answer.


She went to Jeff the next week and confronted him about it. She asked him why he had needed that scene shot like that. She wanted to know how it made sense in terms of the plot. Jeff had an answer ready. “Evangeline, do you know how expensive it is to produce a tv show like this?” he asked. Evangeline shrugged her shoulders. Jeff explained that although the viewers had liked season 1, the show seemed to lose a lot of money due to high production costs. Evangeline listened and nodded but still didn’t understand where Jeff was going with this. Neither did the author of this blog. However, Jeff’s explanation made it all clear.

“We don’t need that scene. You’re right” Jeff explained. “But better safe than sorry. We have to get as much raw material from each shooting as possible. If we need something for the scene it absolutely HAS to already be shot, we cannot afford to go back and reshoot the scene.”

Evangeline nodded. “So you’re not going to use that scene?” she asked. “No of course not, it makes no sense, but you have to understand that we will have to shoot lots of scenes that it later turns out we don’t really need – but we cannot make that distinction while the camera team is there. You understand that, don’t you?” Jeff asked. Evangline nodded. “And it’s also not possible for me to explain the justification of each and every scene on the show to you. You understand that, don’t you Evangeline?” Jeff asked again.

Evangeline nodded again and left. She felt like an amateur for even having asked a stupid question like that. But from now on she promised herself to be more aware of the production process and take it into regard while being on camera.

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