Lost scenes from Lost – Chapter 6

Evangeline Lilly had learnt something from J. J. Abrams. Basically, you will shoot more scenes and longer scenes than you are actually going to use in the show. More than 40% of all scenes shot will never make it to the show. Of the scenes that do, almost 85% of the footage made for those scenes will be cut. In some cases, there will be up to 20 or 30 takes, each of them ten minutes long, just to make what ends up as a 1 minute scene in the final show. The editing process is brutal.

That is why Evangeline did not protest when a scene asked for something extra – she knew that it did not make sense in the plot of the show and that it would not be used, but that she had to have the scene made anyway, just to keep the production flow … well, flowing.

The special thing about this scene was, that it called for her to insert three fingers in her pussy. At first she pretended to do it, but when J. J. Abrams complained that it didn’t look real, she went for the real thing and inserted all three fingers in her vagina.


As you can see on the sign, the crate she is sitting on is labeled “Self-pleasuring dildos”. No, the dildos are not pleasuring themselves, they’re for self-pleasure. In the next scene Evangeline finds this crate, opens it up and takes a dildo for herself. Later that day, the production team is shooting a scene with her where she is trying out the dildo.


Both this scene and the one above was excluded from the tv show but is included in the exclusive Behind the Camera material that will be made public in one month from today.

A funny thing about the last scene is, that J. J. Abrams was actually not present. It was the idea of one of the lighting technicians to shoot the scene and the team convinced Evangeline to shoot the scene. J. J. Abrams, when looking through the material later that evening, was surprised to see this scene but was delighted about his team having taken initiative. He couldn’t use the material, but it gave him an idea about a possible side story for season 5.

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