Lost scenes from Lost – Chapter 7

Evangeline had shot a scene with a dildo and this had given J. J. Abrams, also known as Jeff, an idea about a possible side story for season 5. It started with a nude scene on the beach where the character of Kate was enjoying a quiet moment on the relatively deserted island.


Evangeline was a good sport about the scene. Even when Jeff instructed her to spread her legs a bit, as seen on the picture above. It gave a clear view to her pussy but she knew that it would probably not be used in the show and she definitely knew better than to interrupt the production.

Evangeline was at first conflicted about what happened next. In the scene she was walking down the beach and saw Sawyer lie naked on the beach. That is, completely naked. On one side, she was happy that she was not the only one that was asked to be naked, on the other hand, she was unhappy about what happened next. Put simply, the script said for her to have sex with him. When she sat down on him and simulated sex, Jeff made sure to instruct her to make it real. “We’ll fix it in editing” Jeff said “Just go ahead” he said. She remembered the lecture she had received before, that they had to get as much footage as possible now and that she should not interrupt the production, so she finally decided to sit directly on Sawyer’s penis.


“Great scene” Jeff said. Evangeline nodded and was about to ’dismount’, when Jeff stopped her. “No no, finish up – perhaps we can use some of this. Pretend like it’s real” Jeff instructed. With Sawyer’s penis up her pussy, it wasn’t too hard to ‘pretend’ it was real. She kept riding him and was determined not to stop until told so. She stayed in character and fucked him. After about 5 minutes, she started hearing Sawyer moan louder and he gave a muffled scream as he came in her pussy. “Aaaaaaand cut” Jeff yelled. Evangeline got up and had cum dripping out of her cunt. She had endured the scene but definitely had renewed hope that she could trust J. J. Abrams to cut the scene in a way to keep it from being as explicit as it had actually been. She calmed herself by the fact that he had already made many nude scenes of her and none of them had explicitly been shown in the previous seasons.

This scene is no different. As you may remember, if you have watched the show, this scene was not in the show – but it is in the extra material in the Behind the Camera documentary!

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