Lost scenes from Lost – Final chapter

Evangeline participated in a few more explicit scenes, none of which made it into the tv show. One of which was a scene where both Sawyer and Jack were fucking her.


Another one, one that J. J. Abrams actually considered to include until the very latest moment of editing, was this scene where Kate, in desperation, had eaten mushrooms and got delirious, it ended up with her imagining that a cock came at her from the jungle and demanded that she sucked it. Of course, in reality they had to shoot a scene like that, to enable the audience to fully understand just how delirious she got.


This was the last scene containing nudity that was shot during the production of the tv show. However, J. J. Abrams came to Evangeline with a small tv crew during post-production. He explained to her that he needed some footage for one of the flashback scenes – and that her apartment would do fine for the shooting.

He also explained that because the budget for actor salaries was already spent during production, he would have to play the role of the male in this scene. There were a few strange lines written down on a napkin that Evangeline quickly learned. “Ok, let’s get right down to business” she said as it was written on the napkin. After that and a few more lines, she was being fucked by Jeff.


A few more times after that, J. J. Abrams came by with what seemed to be a volunteer actor that fucked her up good. Evangeline carefully asked about the plot and was told he was considering a side story where Kate was a prostitute before she came to the island. Evangeline complied with her director and today she is one of the definite A listers among tv show actors.

See more footage from Lost in the documentary “Lost Behind the Camera – Director’s Cut”. It will be available on Netflix from the beginning of next month and will be shown as an HBO special 2 weeks later. Enjoy.

This has been a documentary review by Grinch on behalf of the site formerly known as Illusex.

Rating on a scale from 0 to 10: 7 bottomless girls

25 thoughts on “Lost scenes from Lost – Final chapter”

  1. Hilarious stuff, Grinch!

    I wonder if you can get hold of the footage from the cancelled season 9 of 24.
    Rumour has it, part of the plot was that Jack Bauer was captured by a group of feminist terrorists armed with a nuclear bomb demanding the president to issue a new law that made men the ones who had to give birth to babies instead of women.
    Apparently, the only way Jack could escape his captors was to fuck his way out.

    That plot sounds a bit ropey but that’s probably why it was cancelled.

  2. I know this was the final chapter but did emily de ravin never have any deleated scenes in lost?

  3. Thanks a lot, Slick, this was a fun one – a lot of Lost material out there 🙂

    Yes, bobbobington, Emilie De Ravin also had a few deleted scenes, I’ll ask J. J. if I can have some of that footage to see if any of it should qualify to be featured here on Illusex.

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