Love potion – Chapter 2

The love potion I had made seemed to be working, but from a massage gone wild, I couldn’t really be sure. I needed more tests.

I decided that this test should be a little more personal. A little more real, that way, I figured. I went to my friend’s house who has a really hot sister.


When I arrived, they were sitting around with their laptops, just surfing I guess. I decided to sit down with them for a bit and then try to look for hints about whether my perfume was working.

There were certain signs, I thought. Signs that she might be flirting with me or something

One sign was, that she leaned forward and exposed more of her cleavage than normal.


That could be a sign that she was flirting with me. It could also be that she just happened to be wearing a lose shirt – and this could be purely accidental.

The next sign came after I went to the kitchen to grab a coke. When I came back, I thought she was sitting a quite awkward position. It allowed me to see her pussy under her skirt. I couldn’t attribute the fact that she was not wearing panties to the love potion, because she was already not wearing panties when I arrived. But she didn’t have to flash me like that.


Then again, it might be accidental. It’s an honest mistake. So, it might be a subtle hint that my perfume had an effect, but it was not decisive.

I decided I needed some more definitive proof – some real proof that this perfume was attracting her. I went to the bedroom to sit with my laptop there. Soon after, she followed me and sat on the bed right next to me. She commented on the news I was reading and stuff.

At one point, she was again sitting in an awkward position. This time I was pretty much sure that it wasn’t accidental.


“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked me, referring to her widely spread legs and her open crotch.

I didn’t.

I decided to try to ignore her advances a little bit and see how it would progress on it’s own. As it turned out, it progressed quite rapidly.

When I was just about to get up, she held on to me. “Where are you going?” she asked. “Just to the bathroom” I told truthfully. “Ohh … OK”. she said.

When I came back, she was lying naked on the bed waiting for me. “What are you up to?” I asked. “Take me” she just responded. At this point I didn’t ignore her advances any more – I went for it.


Whoa, she was horny. She sounded like she came even when I penetrated her. She moaned loudly. I fucked her good. “Cum in me!” she commanded me. I obeyed.

After I had cum in her and was lying on top of her afterwards, she whispered in my ear “I’ve been wanting to do this since the first time I met you”.

However nice that is of her to say, it’s quite unfortunate. I hadn’t used the love potion on her before, and if she had wanted to do this all along, what did I prove now? Nothing. According to her, she wanted to do this anyway and might have done it, with or without the love potion.

Additional testing is needed …

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