Love potion – Chapter 3

After my realization that the last test I did couldn’t be used, because it was tested on someone I already knew, I realized, that for a good test, I would have to find someone I had never met before to test it on.

I decided to call for a pizza and cross my fingers that a nice female would be bringing it out. She would be my test subject. “Uhm – a number 22 please” I said in the phone, having no idea what kind of pizza that. “Sausage and fish pizza coming up in 30 minutes” the voice said.

I put the perfume on and waited.


After around 35 minutes, the door bell rang and I saw that I was in luck. This pizza happened to be delivered by a female, so I would be able to test the effect of the perfume on her.

I asked her in to wait while I found the money for her. “That’ll be $25 dollars please” she said. Quite an expensive pizza I must say.

I gave her the money – then she asked me to sit down and then she put the pizza on the table.


I wondered what was going on. Was she going to serve the pizza? Was this normal with this pizza place – maybe that’s why the price is so high.

“Take off your clothes” she said bluntly.

Whoa, that was amazing. Right out of the blue, she had asked me to take my clothes off. Meanwhile, she was pulling the top over her head and soon she was letting her shorts fall down and was naked.

I felt it was pretty much proven now that my love potion was working, but I might as well keep her from any embarrassment and follow through. She definitely wanted me to fuck her – and who was I to reject such as wish.


She didn’t seem too emotionally attached to the whole situation. She was certainly willing, but not exactly enthusiastic about it. Anyway, I was not complaining.

“Cumming soon?” she asked and massaged my balls a little. Like she wanted me to finish sooner rather than later. I sped up and came in her.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she then asked. “Uhmm … I fucked you” I stated, didn’t know what she was referring to.

“You came in me, that was not agreed. Pizza 22 is for cum on my tits, if you want to cum inside me, that’s Pizza 55!” she explained.

What the hell – oh no, I had accidentally called a call-a-whore joint, masquerading as a pizza place to confuse the cops and the IRS. Damn it … well, it had been fun, but I had still not had any proof about whether or not my love potion works.

It seemed to be harder than I had anticipated to complete a reliable test. But I was gonna keep on trying – perhaps even after a successful test, I should gather extra data – just to be sure.


(Levi Cash @ Brazzers)

2 thoughts on “Love potion – Chapter 3”

  1. THE END Oh no!

    I was wondering what the significance of the sausage and fish pizza would be and it makes hilarious sense at the end.

    Great series, Grinch. I hope he returns to show us his data.

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