Making whores at the border

I am employed to guard the borders and check people that wish to enter. In this particular case, a girl, trying to cross the borders, did not want to be checked, and made a run for it.


Naturally, there’s no point in that. I run fast and soon catch up with her.


The funny thing is, that there is no need for her to run. We are guarding the borders, but that’s just to check people’s backgrounds and make sure they can make a living if they do come into our country.

That’s why we ask them for proof that they can make a living. We wouldn’t want to welcome anyone that can’t make enough money to live in our country. Then that person would just become a burden on our country.

So I do not send her away. I ask her for documents to prove that she has an education that will help her get a job in our country.

“What do you have that could qualify you for a job?”

She shook her head. “Sorry sir, I have no education. Please, let me enter the country”.

I wouldn’t want to send her away just like that. “Ok, I guess we could say that you could be working as a whore. You seem to be quite good looking.”

She was not agreeing. “No, I am not a whore! I want to be a waitress”.

“But you don’t have an education or any proven experience as a waitress. I need to write something that we can prove.” I pulled up her shirt and pulled down her shorts to take a look at her pussy.


“Yes, that looks fine”. I can’t believe how helpful I was being. I could just as easily have send her away, but I decided that I wanted to help this poor girl. “Yes, I think you could work as a whore. I need some documentation, though.”

“Documentation?” She was confused. “But I’m not a whore and I certainly don’t have documentation to be one”.

“Hmm, that’s a problem. I have to sign a form saying I was shown documentation that you have qualifications for a job. If I sign it without actually having documentation, I’ll get in big trouble.”

“Please sir, let me pass. How can I show you? I have no documents”

I couldn’t do it. I would have to have proof. Not necessarily that she is a whore, but that she could be working as one, if she needed to. “I guess you have to go back, then. How could I know for sure if you have what it takes to become a whore?”

“I will prove it!” she said, and took off her shorts and top, until she was completely naked. “Give me that cock, I’ll show you I have what it takes!”

I did as she said. I felt I had to give her a chance to prove herself.


She was really good. Maybe she WAS a whore? Maybe just a natural.

Boy, was she good. Actually, she was so good that I was convinced that she could become a good whore and would gladly sign a paper stating that.

She was so enthusiastic about showing me that she could be a whore, that I didn’t have the heart to tell her, that she didn’t actually need to put my cock in her pussy. She had proved her point. But I let her sit on it, and it was definitely fit for whoring.


After she fucked me faster and faster and finally finished me off, she got off my cock. “So, will you sign that paper now and let me cross the border”.

Of course I would. I would certainly sign that paper. I signed the paper and let her sign it too. “Congratulations. You are now officially a whore in our country.”

“Thanks!” She said. “I can cross the border!?”

“Yes, although I should mention, that immigrant whores are put in a special program, where they are taught how to be good whores. It’s no picnic to be a whore, you know. The pay is so low, that you sometimes have to service more than one customer at the time. But you will learn all of this, when participating in this program – official pimps teach you by fucking you into shape, so to speak”.

She was appalled. “But I’m not really a whore. I should not be enrolled in this program. I just want to cross the border.”

“Sorry, girl. You ARE a whore, I have a paper right here with your signature on it, that says you are. Welcome to our country.”

Pictures provided by Border Bangers

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