Massage Student

Akind Institute is one the worlds top, beauty and massage therapy schools. I’m one of the top students in my class and I was in my last week of training.

Every evening after class was out of session, we had clients come in and get a discounted rate for any service because we are students.

I got compliments from all my customers on how well my service was, and how much they enjoyed my massages, I considered it a natural gift.

With me being so focused on school and my internship, it left me lonely, horny and lonely. I was usually the last to stay and help clean up and close. So after everyone left I would sneak off into one of the massage rooms and play with myself while fantasizing about the hottest customer I had massaged down that day.


The last day of my internship finally came and I was so looking forward to getting it over with.

The evening had been going really smooth and I was down to my last client.

I approached him Hello, I’m Amanda and I’ll be taking care of all your needs this evening, let me take you to your peace area.

He replied Hi, I’m Adam thank you.

He gets undressed and is in position and ready when I re-entered the room.

I noticed how toned and fit his back and legs were and my panties instantly felt moist.

I started with my favorite sweet massage oil, poured some in my hands, warmed it up, and began to massage in deep small circular motions on his back.


He was scheduled to receive a full body massage so I eased my way to his butt, and he let out a low moan.

he apologized and said how good the massage was feeling. I told him he didn’t have to apologize about anything its normal.

I had to admit his moans were turning me on and making my pussy throb.

As I massaged his butt I noticed how cute and tight it was. My mind drifted off in the middle of the massage, filling with dirty thoughts wondering how big his cock was.

I caught myself and regained my thoughts, then asked for him to turn around.

When he did his towel fell off revealing his rock hard cock. He jumped up embarrassed, I giggled and told him it was ok. I grabbed the towel off the floor, but instead of giving it to him, I sat it on the counter.

I told him to lie back, and he did as told.

I figured since it was my last day why not have a little fun.

” Let me help you out a little,” I said. I took his massive cock in between my hands, and slowly stroked his cock up and down between my hands.


I picked up my oil and put a little in my hands to warm up. I continued back to slowly stroking his cock.

He was moaning quite loudly so I had to tell him to keep it down.

His eyes were rolling back in his head, he was sweating, and clenching onto the sides on the massage bed.

I was getting quite excited having so much control over him like that. I slowed the stroking down even more and then sped it up and slowed again.

I was proud that I was turning out to be great at all types of massages.

I could tell he was close to cumming so I picked up my speed. Faster and faster I glided my hands up and down his cock until he let out a long moan and his cum shot all over my hands.


I helped him get cleaned up and he thanked me repeatedly for the experience, then left me a very generous tip.

It was quite the way to end my last day, I cleaned up my area smiling.

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