Medical Malpractice Hospital

The courtroom was full of reporters, anxious to hear more about the cases against the hospital. Several people have come forward with complaints against the hospital and now they’ve grouped together to sue.

In the witness stand is chief physician Dr. Gynt. “Your hospital has several cases against it and has received many complaints over the years, but do not seem to do anything to make things better”.

The prosecutor went over the background of the hospital and the case and allowed the physician to tell what they have done to try to improve things.

“Bring to the witness stand Miss Santos”

Miss Santos came to the witness stand, visibly nervous.

“So, Miss Santos, can you please for the jury tell them what happened to you”.

“Yes, I was there for a routine exam.  They told me I needed full anesthesia for this exam, because they were going to probe me and take samples.”


“It seemed alright at the time, although I’ve been told later that full anesthesia should not be necessary for this kind of exam.”

“They put me in a hospital bed and lifted up my gown to start the exam”.


“When they were ready to do the anesthesia, they put a blanket i front of my head as is normal when giving anesthesia. However,


“They gave me the anesthesia and it worked for a while. However, I woke up shortly after. The mask had fallen off and the nurse was gone”


“At first I couldn’t remember where I was, then I realized I was still in the middle of the exam. I was awake and could sense everything around me, but I couldn’t move or speak”.

“What I could feel was probably not the exam I was there for. I could several hands just groping my body.”


“Then I felt the unmistakable feeling of a cock pressing against my vagina. My body was completely relaxed from the anesthesia and the cock went in easy”.


“Then whoever it was started fucking me. From behind the blanket, they could not see that I was awake. They could just see my exposed body, groping it and fucking it.”

“I am thinking now that they must have done this many times, but only this time the anesthesia didn’t work as it was supposed to”

The defense interrupted. “Objection. Speculation!”

“Sustained” the judge agreed. “Continue” he then said.


“That’s it I guess. They finished after a while and then put the gown back on me and left me there for about half an hour, presumably to allow me to wake up. They never noticed I had been awake the whole time”.

“The nurse came back then and asked if I had felt any discomfort. I told her the whole story about what the doctors had done. She seemed annoyed and just repeated the question. She never acknowledged it was a problem the anesthesia failed – or even what they’d done while I was out.”

“Thankyou” the prosecutor said “I know that must have been hard for you to tell. You are excused Miss Santos”.

“Yes, thankyou” the judge said. “Any more stories? I mean … witnesses?”

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