Miss Congeniality 3: No Limits – Part 4/7 Changed camera angle

A couple of uneventful shooting days later, which yet contained a few nipple slips and other exploits, a minor change was made to a scene. It was the director’s prerogative, of course, to make small changes throughout the movie.

In this scene, Sandra was supposed to be seen from behind, pulling off her underwear in a scene. She would be wearing a tank top, which would mean her bare ass would be exposed. The scene was about an audition within the movie, for a contest she would have to get into, in order to get close enough to the bandits.

Those having the contest was friends with the bandits, so she would have to get in on even terms and the movie was written so she eventually would have to drop her pants.

The change made by the director in this case, was that the shot was taken from the front instead of from behind.


Sandra Bullock was not happy, of course. She knew the director had this right and had silently just crossed her fingers that he wouldn’t use it. She had wanted the job that bad, that she had told herself it wouldn’t happen. “If he does that, the movie will be R rated and he can’t market it as well” she had said to herself. But he did it anyway.

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