Miss Congeniality 3: No Limits – Part 6/7 Not in her script

The movie had now reached the scene where she was at the beauty contest and was competing against the other models. Of course, she was the only undercover police officer.

There was a long scene where Gracie Hart was standing on the stage. In this scene they had to make a small bust during the contest and arrest some of the people involved. They would then be able to interrogate them and later find the really big fish.

Sandra Bullock and actually Gracie Hart as well, had some acting to do in this scene. It would end with all of the cops busting in, in the middle of the contest. Gracie Hart, although she knew what was going to happen, had to look surprisen. The script said for Gracie Hart to open her mouth wide in awe when the police came in.

The scene came to this point and Sandra Bullock opened her mouth and looked surprised. “Why did you do that?” the director yelled, when Sandra closed her mouth. “What?” Sandra said, not knowing what was going on. “Why did you close your mouth again, the script only says to open it, not to close it again. You can close it when the scene is over”. Sandra didn’t get it, but opened her mouth. John yelled “Action” and then something unexpected happened. A stiff cock was put in Gracie Hart’s open mouth.


It all happened so fast. The cock kept going down her throat without she could even begin to do anything and then after seconds only, she felt that the cock splurted down her throat.

The scene was over. She looked up. It was John.“Yea, it’s a little cameo I’m having”.

“What the hell!” Sandra yelled. “You bastard. Why is this even in the movie, doesn’t even make sense!”.

“Yeah, you’re right” John said, surprisingly agreeing with her, “We might not use it in the final cut, but we can still use it in promotional material”.

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  1. Well, if her mouth is going to be open like that, I'd imagine many guys would be tempted to do that…

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