Miss Congeniality 3: No Limits – Part 7/7 The long sleep

The scene where a cock was suddenly thrust into Gracie Hart’s mouth and cum shot into her mouth was just over and the director, who had had the honour of having the cameo appearance as the cock in Gracie’s throat, had just pulled his cock out, with cum still dripping from it.


With that, the scene was over. But not the movie.

Sandra Bullock had reviewed the script more and more careful after each time the scene developed into something more vulgar than she had expected. The remainder of the script did not seem to be that dangerous, just some dialog and actually it seemed the scenes that Gracie Hart was part of, was almost over. Thank god.

Ok, there was one more scene that Sandra Bullock was dreading, but she was sure the worst was over. The scene was a simple scene where Gracie Hart would go to sleep after the climax of the movie and the subtitles would then say “2 weeks later” whereafter some humorous dialog would end the movie in a good way.

Sandra knew they would probably make her go to sleep in some kind of revealing position, consistent with what they had done in every other part of the movie. Turns out, Sandra was right. She didn’t even complain this time, she was just happy the movie was about to be over.


They had not only put her on the bed virtually naked. They had not only made sure her legs would be spread and her naked pussy directly visible to the camera. They had also had the nerve to have her lubricate her pussy and felt it up until it became both wet and a little separated.

Sandra was utterly embarrassed, but had expected something like this.

She went to sleep as it said in the script and expected the director to yell ‘cut’’. There was no more lines in her script. The next event, according to her script, would be fading out and then fading into the new scene with “2 weeks later” on the screen.

“Are we done yet” Sandra asked, although the director hadn’t yelled cut and the camera was still rolling. “No!” the director yelled “be quiet, now we have to reshoot the scene!”. They re-lubricated Sandra’s pussy for the repeat of the shoot and Sandra endured the same embarrassing scene once again, this time not interrupting it by saying anything. She didn’t want to risk another reshoot.

The lights went on. Sandra didn’t move. Still concentrating to not give them a reason to reshoot the scene. When she looked up, she saw a naked guy approaching her. There was nothing in the script about this, so she didn’t say anything, but her mind was racing. The guy came very close and his intentions were obvious.


Now, which options did Sandra Bullock have. Would she let some guy fuck her? Obviously, that was going to happen if she did nothing. She could back out now, but she remembered the giant fine she would have to pay – and also remembered the scenes she had already shot – full frontal nudity, spread legs, blowjob, cumshots – all to be made public, even if she backed out, she remembered. The contract had been specific on this.

She decided to go with the flow and soon any doubts she might have had about his intentions were removed. He inserted his cock in her with the camera rolling. No ‘cut’ was heard from the director.

As she was being fucked, two more guys entered the room. They also approached and did not hide their intentions either. She considered once more to back out, this would ruin her career, but still remembered the clauses from before. Instead she concentrated on not making a mistake so the scene would have to be reshot.


Meanwhile the guys took turns fucking her. She was getting fucked in her pussy, her ass and her mouth. More cameras were added to the set to get all angles. She saw the director giving his thumbs up to one of the camera men.

The scene came to an end by cum being shot into her pussy by one dick and on her face by two others – or so she thought, but instead of yelling ‘cut’, the director yelled ‘ok, let’s take a short break’. If nothing else, this gave Sandra a chance to find out what was going on – now she could talk without the scene having to be reshot.

“Excuse me director, but what the hell is going on.” Sandra said “how long are you going to drag this scene out, moron!?”

The director looked up from the screen where he was reviewing the footage just shot. “Look in the script, hun, it says two weeks, doesn’t it?” The director grinned. “Welcome to your new career!”

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