Modern art–Part 2

I believe in provocative art with a statement. If it doesn’t make you feel anything, it isn’t art. I became famous from my debut art piece with three naked asses, framed behind a painting.

After this, I got many options to showcase my work. For example, here I made a shocking piece in a gallery.


I put up other pictures that had a good statement that was very fine tuned. For example, this one is of the future woman, how she is dressed if society moves forward like it is now.

This could be fashion in the future.


Another masterpiece of mine is the woman in milk, spreading her legs in the bathtub, but at the same time keeping her private parts just below the surface.

This works on so many levels.


But even though my art was very clever, it didn’t really get the attention I thought it deserved. I decided I couldn’t just do still pictures, I had to make something eventful.

I decided to make a live interview, like Jay Walking, going around with a camera man and interviewing people. I had a plan and all I needed was a few frames.

I saw a lady in front of her house and figured she could be a good one to interview.


I needed the housewife type and I needed one that knew me – that part’s easy – but also one that actually believed in my art and my message.

“Will you participate in a little art piece?”

“Sure” she said an smiled. Good. Not too many questions. I gave her a frame and had her hold it up in front of her face.


She smiled through the frame to the camera.

“Mam, do you know of my art?”

“Yes, you’re that guy, right?”

“Right. OK mam, but do you understand my art?”

“Yes” she nodded, aware of the camera. She didn’t want to come off as some ignorant person that didn’t understand the messages embedded in art.

“Good, so then I think you know where I’m going with this, when I ask you to keep holding the frame up in front of your face and lift your blouse up over your breasts”

She hesitated.

“We’re going through town in a campaign, you’re the 25th one we’re visiting, together we can get this message out.” I lied. She was the first. “Are you in? Do you get it?”. I made sure to connect those two questions. If she gets it, she’s in and she wouldn’t admit if she didn’t get it.

“Sure” she smiled and lifted her blouse over her breasts and kept smiling through the frame.


I wasn’t sure whether she truly understood it, but I really wanted her to. I knew that those that participate in my art get so much more into it if they truly understand. So I hinted the message to her, without saying it outright.

“You’re framing your face, but that’s not where people will be looking” I said.

She nodded with a knowing smile, either she already figured this out or she pretended that she had already figured it out.

“I want you to take the larger glass frame and hold it in front of your breasts.” I explained an my assistant handed her the glass frame. “But not only hold it there, press your breasts against it”. I nodded at her, seeing if she got it and she nodded back and smiled.


“Now lower your denim jeans and hold the smaller frame in front of your panties”.


She was getting my message. It was symbolizing the defeat of the female having to accept that her sexuality gets more attention than her own person. I was pretty sure she understood this too.

I suggested we went inside for the next part. She agreed, she wasn’t too keen on standing out here where her neighbours could see her. Of course, they would see this on TV later anyway, but it felt different to be inside.

The next step took a bit more convincing to do. “Frame your breasts again”

“What do your breasts symbolize?” I asked.

“Sex?” she suggested.

“Yes, what else?”

“Uhmm … milk?”

“Yes, exactly. You want your breasts to be recognized for what they truly are. Take your panties off, but frame your breasts. You’re doing really well” I encouraged here. She wanted to be part of the message and lowered her panties, leaving her bottomless.


“But you are also a sexual creature, aren’t you? But you want to be treated right.”

“Yes” she agreed.

“OK, now lie down, you represent women everywhere now. As a woman, you want the man to consider your needs as a sexual creature.”


My assistant went down on her and started licking her pussy. She looked straight in the camera.


“The world thinks sex is just for women, but you have a different message for the world, don’t you?” I suggested.

“Yes” she agreed.

“Women are also sexual creatures” I stated.


“Then get on your hands and knees and place your frame on your behind.” She did as asked. My assistand went up behind her, now naked.

I said “Some times women just want to be fucked, but it doesn’t have to mean anything. It can just be the sex. Women can be sexual creatures but that doesn’t mean that they are only that.”

The woman agreed, I think, because she didn’t stop my assistant when he slipped his cock into her already dripping wet vagina.


He didn’t last long in her and pulled out and came all over her. That was no accident, because we needed that for the finale.

“Now, after the sex, you’re covered in cum. Frame your breasts again. You want the sex, but women also get to handle the mess that comes from it”


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