Monitoring My Wife

I knew I was invading my wifes privacy doing this, but my curiousity was just too much for me. She had found ad in Craigslist that were looking for a model that matched her profile. She has been a homemaker for many years, but recently she has wanted to contribute more to the income and that’s why she was looking for small jobs.

I asked her quite a lot about this and she said she talked to the guy on the phone and it had seemed legit. The money was good an she decided to go for the photoshoot.


Now I found myself in the precarious situation. I should probably tell you how I ended up here. Mind you, my wife does not know I am here!

When she went for the job, I followed her without her seeing me. She knocked on a door and was let inside. Meanwhile, I went to the other side of the building and crawled up the fire escape. I was able to crawl all the way up to a small window that was slighty open. I had a direct view to the room, but neither she nor anyone else in the room could see me.

There were two of them, besides my wife. A photographer and an assistant. They had her on the couch and were talking with her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it seemed casual.

My wife was visibly nervous.

She nodded and started unbuttoning her blouse. Then she stood in the pose it seemed they instructed her and snapped some shots.


She was in her bra – she loves that one, it really accentuates her breasts so she always wears that when she dresses to impress.

They asked her to drop the blouse and they took some more photos of her posing.

I was thinking to myself that I should see if I could get a copy of these afterwards. She was looking really hot.


There were very thorough and took quite a long time. I was comfortable and could easily see everything and just take it easy up there.

I couldn’t see the entire room so some times she would be out of sight when she would get a glass of water or something like that.

They told her something and she left through a door, then she came back out and I almost audibly gasped at the sight of her.


She was wearing just her panties and then they had fashioned her belt as a top. It left me breathless.

She was so sexy.

She posed in different positions and they continued for a while. Then they had some conversation and it went on for some length. I could see my wife was getting uncomfortable and was not sure what to say. They asked her something and she was not responding, just looking and thinking.

They said something again and then she slowly nodded. She then carefully pulled her top (that is, belt) down, exposing her breasts completely.


I could see she was not comfortable and she was hardly breathing. I thought for a moment whether I should interrupt this and rescue her, but I knew that she would not take it lightly that I had followed her and clearly not trusted her.

She posed a bit more and then they started talking again. This time she shook her head and they were discussing for a while.

Then I saw her take the belt all the way off and then she paused for a while, standing perfectly still for maybe 5 seconds while she was thinking, and then to my shock she took her underwear off in one brief movement, like pulling a band aid off.

It left her completely naked. I almost fell down of shock, but stayed in control.

They posed her in different positions and none of them very subtle.


I couldn’t help getting horny, watching my wife, this hot woman, posing completely naked in front of me. Or was I actually getting even more horny because it was in front of someone else?

To my surprise, I was not the only one getting horny. It was unmistakable – my wife was getting visibly wet, probably wetter than I have even seen before. Her movements were also starting to get more sexy, like she was getting into it. Her pussy was almost dripping now, leaving wet spots on the couch.

They told her something and she just nodded. She put her fingers in her pussy and started masturbating.


Even though I was quite far away and could not hear what they talked about, I could clearly hear her now whine and moan and I think she was having an orgasm.

They continued recording it and just because she orgasmed didn’t mean she was done. They asked her to continue to pose in different positions.

She put her ass right in the direction of the camera and spread her cheeks like a slut. I could almost not recognize my wife. I was her first, according to her, but now I was not so sure.


The assistant had been out of my view for a while and now he came back in. He was naked and went straight for my wife with his erect cock.

They didn’t even discuss or debate this and my wife didn’t flinch when he stuffed his cock in her. It was clear, it was what she wanted.


I thought again about whether I should interfere, but then I realized that it would be better for everyone, including my wife, if she could choose what she wanted to tell me.

They were now recording this as a video and my wife seemingly did not care. She was just enjoying the well earned fuck she was getting right now. I could see that she was cumming again and then I saw the assistant was as well. His pumps slowed down and he was pumping every time more jizz in my wifes pussy.


He left and my wife just lied down on the couch, exhausted, with her legs still spread like a slut, cum dripping from her pussy. The photographer used the opportunity to get some good close-ups of her pussy with cum dripping out.

I figured it was time for me to leave. I rushed home and about 10 minutes later my wife came home as well. She went straight to the shower and I pretended not to hear her.

She came back out and I asked her how it went.

“It went fine” she said “Just some fashion stuff”.

“OK, that’s cool” I said, understanding that she did not want to talk about what really happened.

“Yeah, it was fun – in fact, I am going again next week, they need for me a rap video!”


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