More daring – Chapter 1

I was sure to win. At the night club where I work, my boss wanted to advertise his club with a sexy little calendar. Of course, one of us girls working as bartenders in the night club, would have to be the one in the calendar.

We are 7 girls working at the night club. Well, right now we are not working, because this night club is closed for 3 months every year during the winter. The pay is pretty good – except of course for the fact that we don’t get paid for 3 months while we’re closed, so each year we have to go and find other temporary jobs. It’s a pain in the ass – not literally speaking.


This year, starring in the calendar would more than cover me for the 3 months I would otherwise have to find a job. The only problem was of course, that only one of us could star in the calendar. My boss told us he wanted all of us to have an even chance of starring in the calendar, but that only the one having the most daring pictures taken would get paid. The rest wouldn’t, but they would still be in the calendar.

I didn’t tell any of the other girls, but I was quite sure I would win over them. First of all, I didn’t think most of them would even participate, secondly, I am much more liberated than they are and thirdly, I’ve already been in a modeling lingerie in a mall catalogue – I was secretly thinking I could do that again and pretty much be sure to win.

In fact, I knew just who to ask to take the picture – I had a photographer friend who had previously tried to convince me that he should take some daring pictures of me. Now there was finally a reason. Some nice lingerie shots would easily win me the spot in the calendar.

I decided to make it easy for myself and invited him and his camera to the beach. The picture he took, I figured, would be plenty daring for me to win the contest.


After coming back from the beach, I mailed my boss the picture. He replied back immediately saying he was waiting for submissions from the others, then he would let me know. Damn it, that meant some of the others were participating too.

Hmm, I wonder if any of them would also send in a bikini shot like mine…

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