More daring – Chapter 6

I was determined to win now. I was sure I had been cheated by my photographer friend – he had probably tipped her off about how far I was going or somehow or the other manipulated her. Maybe he was even in cahoots with my boss. I had to think creatively.

I wrote to my boss that I was giving up and I said the same thing to my photographer friend … but just before the time limit for new submissions, I put my plan in motion. I started like this.


So what are you seeing. That’s me waiting in the dark in a college classroom. I had put up an anonymous poster at the college billboard with a phone number. The poster said private tutoring for young men – and I had gotten a call and made and appointment. I figured, more daring than being fucked, is being fucked in a public place with a stranger.

I was ready – I had equipped the room with a hidden high resolution camera and was now waiting for him to arrive. When he turned the light on, I was counting on being able to seduce him, with my naked body lying over the table. The safest bet yet.

The door opened and the light was turned on.


I saw exactly what I expected and hoped for – a young dude entering. Well, almost exactly what I expected, the guy was being followed by another guy … and then another.

3 young dudes were not looking at me, amazed at what they saw. One of them pinched his arm. “What’s … all this then?” he said.

“I want you to fuck me” I said to the first guy who entered. He hesitated. “Come one, the offer stands for 5 seconds, so you better hurry!” Then he ripped his clothes off and ran over to me and tried to start fucking me – it took a few seconds before his cock was stiff, but then he was already fucking me, just 30 seconds after he had turned on the light.

“Come on, she wants us to fuck her” the other guy said. They took their clothes off too. I had said you – I just meant him, but I guess it could have meant all of you.

One of the other guys went to my mouth – I put his cock in my mouth and sucked it.


I figured, why not be sure. This was even better than just a public place – fucking two, well, maybe three guys, would certainly be more daring than a simple fuck home in bed.

“Is this physics 101?” I heard a female voice ask. “Whoa, looks like it’s an anatomy class” another girls’ voice said sarcastically.

I looked up and saw three college girls had entered the classroom. Well, this is what I get for fucking strangers in a public place, I guess.


All of a sudden, one of the guys came in my mouth. Guess he couldn’t keep it in anymore. I was still being fucked by the other guy, while I was masturbating the third one.

They guy who who had cum stood back a bit and put his boxers back on. That’s when I noticed one of the girls come back into the room. “I told you so” she said and pointed at me – she had brought another guy in here.

He quickly jumped out of his clothes and came up to me, getting ready to fuck me too.

This could get out of hand, I thought to myself. “OK, but this is the last one” I said.


The girls laughed. One of them said “The last one, she said … ha ha ha ha”. Another one added “Yeah, I guess she draws the line a 4 guys banging her”.

It wasn’t long until one had cum on my breasts, one more in my mouth and one had cum in my weary pussy. I put my panties back on. The girls threw a piece of wet tissue paper at me and then lost interest. Soon I was again alone in the classroom. I took the camera I had hidden, put it in my purse and rushed home to watch it.

It was good! Well, it was horrible to watch – but it was good. The quality was good, lots of terribly graphic details had been caught.

I sent it to my boss and I won the contest! I later found out that my photographer friend had indeed cheated me, but I guess in the end, I cheated him – I won. The only downside being, that there was now a calendar showing me getting fucked and degraded by random guys in a classroom – and another downside was, that since the calendar was promotional, it was given away for free!


Pictures by Veronica Rayne @ Brazzers

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